Show me your style // Anna Lyhne

So I’m finally back with a new show me your style post here on the blog.
So as you guys, maybe know these “show me your style” posts are actually one of my favorite things to post here on blog, and I finally interviewed my best friend Anna here. But this time there will be a new little add to the post, if you scroll down you can see the video of the interview that we did.
And I must admit that I really enjoy making Youtube videos lately, and I have been thinking about taking Youtube a little more seriously, so hehe stay tuned, and remember to subscribe and all that jazzz 😉
But if you wanna see more of Anna’s cute style just keep scrolling.

Anna Lyhne
Studying Biotechnology in Copenhagen, with a love for cats and everything green.

Describe your style in three words.
Sustainable, cosy, and with a twist of Harry Potter

What are you wearing right now?
Pants from Monki, coat from Cos, boots from Dr. Martens, and the first bag my mom ever bought when she was young.

What is most important to you in an outfit?
The shoes, it’s all about the shoes.

Who/what inspires you the most in terms of your style?
I guess my mom does, she has been a big influence and has the largest shoe collection I have ever seen. People and things around me are also a big inspiration.

Favourite brands?
That would be Dr. Martens. Most of my Dr. Martens shoes are thrifted and the same goes for my clothes.

What has been your biggest style failure?
When I was young I tried to dress kind of alternatively and it was not a success. It didn’t fit me and it didn’t reflect who I was properly.

Do you have any favourite items in your wardrobe?
My coat, my black jeans, and my shoe collection that primarily consists of Dr. Martens boots.

Which items do you dream of owning?
None, I have everything I need.

What is your best style tip?
Choose a colour or a statement piece when putting together an outfit and finish it of with a pair of black boots.

 But remember to do whatever works for you – and don’t let other people tell you what’s wrong or right. If you want to wear six colours at the same time, do it!

Thanks to Anna
If you wanna watch the interview, it’s available down below.

XX Nanna


New kicks, new pics

So I know I have been the worst blogger in the world lately, but I have been so busy with school and everything so…. yeah.
And I’m really depressed by the fact that it takes all of my focus, so I’m actually just looking forward to be done with this study, so I can get back to blogging again.
But! I bought some new sneakers (kicks) in London, so I thought why not show you guys a little outfit with them on.
Hope you all are well, and has the best sunday ever.

XX Nanna.

London – Weekend tour & Vlogs

 So I’m so sorry that I haven’t been around lately here on the blog.
But I have been so stressed out whit School so…yeah.
But here is the vlogs from our trip to London, we both been to London before so this was just a.. cozy shopping trip I guess…and not so much a sightseeing trip.
But yeah.. we had a really nice time and we can’t wait for our next trip together.
I hope you guys like the vlogs, please leave a comment or subscribe if you do 😉

Hope you guys have a nice day.

XX Nanna


Golden goodies for your ears.

I don’t know about you guys, but I really have an obsession with earrings at the moment, especially gold earrings.
So I thought, why not share my little obsession with you guys!
All the earrings in my collage are pretty affordable, which is an added bonus! So yeah… I don’t know why I’m excited like this… but it may have something to do with the espresso that Im drinking in the middle of the night.

Finde the earrings right here: 1. –  2.  –  3.  –  4. –  5. –  6. –  7.

XX Nanna


City strolling with my girls.

So not much has happened lately… and honestly, it’s because I’m lazy as fuck.
I have, however, just received some pretty exciting samples of something I’m working on, which I can’t wait to show you guys! But I’m gonna have to wait for a while, because it has to be perfect. And I also have to figure out what I want to do with it, before I show you the final product.
Let’s talk about the pictures.
The pictures were taken yesterday, and the gorgeous faces you see in the pictures are the faces of two of my very best friends.
And we thought, because we all love to take photos like everyone else in this Instagram world. Why not take some squad photos will we’re strolling around the city anyway? So we did.
And I have to say, I really like the final product :3
But… what am I thinking about? it could only turn out good with these two lovely ladies in front of my camera.

XX Nanna


Psst… follow Melissa and Susan on Instagram right here.





Life update // Blog breakdown! quitting my job and much more.

SO! a lot of things had happened since the last time I was active here on the blog.
The blog had a breakdown for over a week because of some trouble in the cyber system (I don’t know what smart people would call it, but let’s just call it that )  which was pretty fucking annoying.
But now I’m back, finally.
But, besides that I have officially quitted my job! which I’m sure was the right thing for me to do. Not that I didn’t like the job and the most of my colleagues! but I could feel that it was time for me to change course.
So now I’m starting with a little study class here at the end of February. And after that I am hopefully going to be qualified enough to get a job that is just calling my name… even though we all know that job doesn’t exist, but let’s just pretend that it does.
And even when you thought things couldn’t get any worse… one of my absolutely best friends and I, seems to have broken up in some kinda way…. I can’t describe how mad and irritated I am, because of that little b****. And I have been trying to be the grown one in this mess ( not that I am right now ), and not delete/untag all instagram memories we had together…. like she did. But I’m just a human… and I couldn’t take the try-hard attitude anymore, so I just unfollowed her on Instagram. And then all the drama just went even worse…. and today we are not even friends on Facebook. But the thing that irritates me the most is that she wouldn’t even talk about it, even before all of this social media drama… and then I can’t stop thinking ” why did I even waste my time on you? “. So maybe or friendship is over…. I don’t know, I just know that I’m not going be the one, to take action again and try to make it work… because I tried, and she shut all hope down so…But I’m not gonna lie, I’m still sad about us not being friends anymore.
But still in the end the weird thing is, that I’m actually feeling great about my whole life situation right now. Even though there has been some difficult things to handle. But honestly, I’m fine because I still have the absolute best people around me.
And for that I’m grateful, so that’s why I’m going dance like Beyonce now.
And just be happy about life.

XX Nanna

Btw… sorry about this drama post, I just had to get it off my chest <3


What is beauty? // Karen Lolgeeti

Before anybody reads this, I would like to say that I know that not everyone can relate to the things that I’m talking about here in this post.
I know that it may cost me hate and love.
But… everyone has the right to speak, and tell their thoughts to the world.
So that’s what I’m / we are going to do now.
– Love

As a person born into the world as female being, something always comes along with that… like there comes with everything.
Like… when a cheetah is born into this world we suspect it to have little black dots all over its body, and grow up and run faster than anybody else… Or when a rose is supposed to jump out at springtime, the world suspects it to be red and beautiful.
And like the rose and the cheetah…when a human girl is born into this world, we suspect her to be feminine, because she’s a girl right? And when we say feminine, most of us thinks of a beautiful girl gifted with a soft voice. But is that really it?
Is that in reality all we can think of, when we think of a female human being? Beauty?
Lately I have been struggling with these kind thoughts inside of my head and this is only a little piece of them. So please forgive me, this post can be misunderstood, but I’ll do my best. But you have to understand that I’m worried. I’m worried about the future that the younger generation of women is going to face.
Because… I don’t want any girl growing up thinking that society already has chosen who these little girls are going to be.
Just because they’re girls, they don’t have to be the society’s version of the feminine. They can, and I hope they will, be their own version of feminine… their own version of beauty… and just truly be themselves. Just like every living thing on this planet should be.
But to make people think about this topic, just a little… I have interviewed a young and beautiful woman named Karen, who has a thing or two to say about this.
Pssst… she’s actually my sister in law.

Small interview – What is beauty? – 13/1/2017 – 15:00.

What do you personally think that feminism stands for?
“Personally, I like to think of feminism as a word that stands for, strong women who fights for the rights for being just what they are or want to be”

How does society affects your vision of women’s beauty in your everyday life?

“First of all I think that social media has a lot to do with how people around the world looks on the stereotypical beauty type for women, if you can say so… My theory is, that the media sometimes send an unrealistic vision on how a beautiful girl looks like, you know, women doesn’t only come in one body shape. And with that, I think that men, not all men, of course… but some men, may look at those Instagram photos or whatever, and start to think that that is the frame for being beautiful as a woman. And that affects a lot of women, of course… but personally commercials, Instagram photos and so on doesn’t really get to me now for some reason, but when I was younger it did, of course, because at the age of 13 you don’t really know what’s going on, so all you do is just trying to keep up”

What do you think about beauty idols? Is that a good or a bad thing?

” It depends on what kind of beauty idol that people are looking up to, as it is now… where every girl wants to look like a Victorias Secret model or Kim K, or maybe just want a look that only 1 out of a 1000 women can have, then I think its a ridiculous thing… but if the idol is you know, a healthy idol, a woman who takes care of her body and exercise and eats healthy, then I think its a good beauty idol, because that is pretty much what I find attractive. But at the same time… you know, every body shape can be / and is beautiful… so it’s very difficult to give just one answer”

What do you define as true beauty?

” I think that the most important thing about being or feeling beautiful is personal radiance, I mean, you know… you have to accept yourself and your own body, before you can embrace it and be fully happy about it… and when you’re mentally happy about yourself it shows so much on the outside, and that’s what I think real beauty is… its that positive personal radiance that light up in peoples faces when they believe in themselves, and with that in mind you can pretty much look at any body type and think that every single one of them is beautiful if just the positive personal radiance is there”

When do you feel the most beautiful?

“ Well… I work out a lot, that’s sort of my thing.. I pretty much work out 2 hours a day and I love it, I love to push myself in that way, into getting stronger and healthier, so I would defiantly say when I have worked out and are eating healthy. Because that’s where I mentally also has the most profit in my brain, to just shine bright in my everyday life so… “

If you should give young girls an advice about feeling beautiful? what would it be?

” Well.. I would definitely say that the most important thing is to be yourself and be comfortable with who you are and what you do, I mean, if you are feeling good about working out, then do that, or if you’re fine with eating healthy, then do that, or if you maybe love doing make-up then keep doing that, but it’s also a question about balance. Because you have to also be able to relax if you’re not doing those things that keeps you going… I mean personally I hate when I miss a workout session at the gym, and that’s something I’m really working with, because that’s not how it’s suppose to be…. I mean you just have to let go sometimes and just relax. “

I hope that this post just made a little sense… I mean, my most important thought behind this post was actually just to get people wondering or maybe just talk about this topic over the dinner table.
Because I think that there’s a lot to talk about. And I know that there are maybe some other girls out there that really need to discuss this topic.
So keep talking.
But you have to remember, no one is perfect… and I’m not saying with this post that Instagram and social media is only a bad thing, and you should cut it out of life forever or anything… No! Don’t do that. If you love it, then embrace it.
And personally, you guys probably know that I like social media, because it gives me the opportunity to be more creative and share it with others who lives with the same passion.
So yeah, my last words… go be who you want to be and eat that pizza if you want to.

XX Nanna
” A special thanks to Karen for sharing your personal thoughts “
If you guys wants to see more of Karens life, check out her Instagram right here.


Hvisk flagship store grand opening // Sale

So yesterday hvisk celebrated the opening of their new flagship store here in Copenhagen.
So me and my friend Melissa joined the celebration, and even though it was a small and cozy event, I have to say that it actually gave me a lot of new inspiration.
The shop is so cute.. It’s small and filled with elegant and play full jewelry…. and a random thing I was very exited about, was the selling… its such an old Copenhagen each.. style selling and I’m literally just in love with it.

Btw, there is up to 70% sale on their website right now, so go check that out.

XX Nanna


My New Years Eve.

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So I know its been a couple of days since we all jumped into the new year.
But, a lot of things have been going on lately, so that why I haven’t been more active here on the blog and I’m sorry for that.
But whatever, I hope that you guys had a nice time on New Years Eve surrounded by your loved once.
Personally, I celebrated the evening at my friend Anna’s apartment, which has this amazing view over the ocean and the city, so we could enjoy the beautiful fireworks fully.
But otherwise, we were about 10 people eating a vegan dinner together, which was so pretty delicious!
And of course after that, we drank a lot of champagne, and actually a lot of mojitos too.
So we got drunk and me and my girls were just singing old R&N songs all night long.
And when the clock were 00:00 I kissed my man into the new year of course.

XX Nanna

// Casual outfits for New Years Eve //

Outfit // 1

Outfit // 2

Outfit // 3

Pssssst! guys! if you click on the pictures of the outfits, you will be sent to the webpage Polyvore where you can finde all the Items!

But yeah…
So New years eve is coming up, I mean of course we just have to pass Christmas…but for me Christmas isn’t that big of a deal. I mean in my family it’s pretty much just the national “dress up in a Christmas jumper day”… so I already know what to wear for Christmas. But for me New Years Eve is always a hard day to find the perfect outfit…. because you wanna look even better than the fireworks in the sky, but at the same time you don’t wanna look like someone that is trying too hard, right?
That’s why I’m dressing casually this year, but with a small twist in every outfit. You know just to spice it up a little bit.
So yeah, I hope that my outfits can be helpful for you guys.

Btw I’m celebrating New Years eve with a little group of my good friends… what are you guys doing for New Years eve?



My bag sister // outfit

Processed with MOLDIV

Processed with MOLDIV

Processed with MOLDIV

We are wearing.

Ekua: Jacket // Zara  Blouse // unknown  Pants // H&M  Sneakers // Jordan  Bag // Chanel

Me: Coat // H&M   Sweater // Vintage  Jeans // Acne  Boots // Bianco  Bag // Chanel

At the moment I’m feeling blessed that I have such good people around me… lately I have ben thinking to myself “you are a god damn lucky girl, appreciate it!”  And I would say that I definitely do..
But yeah… this is just at little out and about outfit with my “bag sister” Ekua. I love that girl… she always makes me laugh, and are such and inspirational person.

XX Nanna



// New sneakers //


So lately I have bought a lot of new stuff… but these sneakers are defiantly one of my favorite items of all time.
I’ve been searching for them for so long and finally I found them in the footlocker shop in Copenhagen… and the best part of the story is that I got them 500kr cheaper than the original price!
But yeah, I’m just so happy about these babies.

XX Nanna


// The guide //

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Processed with MOLDIV

Hey guys!
So I’ve recently gotten a lot of requests concerning how I edit my Instagram photos, so I thought; Why not make a quick and easy guide for you guys. This guide will explain the way I edit the photograph, step-by-step. We’re going to use a cup of coffee as our example, since that’s a pretty common thing to post on Instagram.. right?

Step 1.
The first thing I always do is to access the photo in my iphone’s picture gallery, and press “edit” in the top right-hand corner.

Step 2.
With the picture ready for editing, i start off by enabling the “auto-editing” function. I then use the fade-filter.

Step 3.
In step three i adjust exposure and contrast in varying degrees according to the given picture. For instance, in picture 3, i have decreased the exposure and enhanced the contrast. Moreover, the glance-lighting is decreased, since I find that suitable for this picture.

Step 4.
We now move on to use the Instagram app itself. In here, I turn down the heat of the picture.

Step 5.
The Instagram app also has the functions of “structure” and “sharpness”. I have turned up both of these functions to enhance the sharpness and details of the photo.

So now you have an idea of how I edit mainstream pictures myself on Instagram. This stuff isn’t the most pro stuff out there, but I like to keep it simple.

XX Nanna


2 X outfit

Processed with MOLDIV

Processed with MOLDIV

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We are wearing:

Susan – Jacket // The North Face  Hoodie // H&M  Pants // H&M  Sneaks // Puma x Bape

Me – Jacket // Barnies  Jeans // H&M  Hoodie // Shein  Bag // Chanel  Sneaks // Noella fashion

Yesterday my friends Susan and Anna stopped by… And Susan and I was in the mood for some photos, so Anna worked her magic, and shot a few frames.
So credit to Anna <3

XX Nanna


5 cheap home decor items // Aliexpress


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Items: 1. –  2. –  3. –  4. –  5. 

So lately has become one of my best friends, especially when it comes to small home decor items.
Because you know… that site has a lot of nice small bits and pieces, that’s actually very affordable!
And today I was surfing around on the site, and I came up with these items for you guys.

You’re welcome.
peace <3


Hungry? – Part 1 // Gran Torino // Nørrebro


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Gran torino.

So, my food loving friend Amanda and I, are always exploring the vast food Universe of Copenhagen.
You see, we have this kind of tradition, thats about going out for a dinner date at least one time a month where we are exploring a new restaurant every single time.
It so fun to hang out with Amanda while we’re eating delicious food, and we figured that, since this delicious tradition is working out just swell for us, why not share it with you guys?

Therefore, this “Hungry part (1,2,3…)” post is gonna be some sort of series here on the blog where Amanda and I are commenting on the restaurants that we’re visiting.
So read along if you wanna know our opinon about Gran Torino.

Our thoughts about Gran Torino: 

” The food was delicious, the space was some kind of an Urban dream… but the sound in the room made me a little crazy, people were talking pretty fucking loudly, which is indicative of less than ideal room acoustics.. not the best of conditions for a romantic date… The food, however, was indeed delicious, which is obviously the most important part. Right guys? Right??. The dinner was comprised of a main course consisting of risotto with lobster and tiramisu for dessert. After these two courses, however, the fire of the deep hunger in our bellies wasn’t extinguished, so we had to go ahead and order another main course, but that could just be my insatiable culinary hunger clouding my judgment.  #fat… 😉 “


XX Amanda & Nanna


Show me your style // Amalie Rytter Jørgensen

So I’m finally back with a new show me your style post here on the blog.
These “show me your style” posts are actually one of my favorite things to post here on blog, and I have been wanting to interview Amalie for so long, so I’m really happy that I finally got this post done and available for you guys to read.
So if you wanna se more of Amalie’s amazing style just keep scrolling.


Amalie Rytter Jørgensen.
She is the definition of a scandinavian fashion girl – Working for – and has a simple love for homemade ice-coffee.

Describe your style in three words.
” Classic – mix of materials – simple”

What are you wearing right now?
” Shoes from Vagabond, a skirt from New Look, blouse from H&M, rings from hvisk, coat from Vero Moda, and I don’t know where I got my sunglasses from haha…”

What is most important to you in an outfit?
” feeling comfortable is the most important thing.. And I especially feel comfortable when I mix materials and tekstures in my outfits, it just gives the outfit a little extra”



Who/what inspires you the most in terms of your style?
” A person that always inspires me is my aunt, she has since I was a kid always been some kind of a rolemodel to me, so yeah… otherwise I would say things like social media, people on the streets, and definitely people from my school KEA”

Favorite brands?
” Well..many people think that I’m one of thugs who really care about the brand of my clothing, but the truth is actually that I really don’t care at all… I mean if it looks nice and are well made, why should I care which brand its from? but I must say that a have a little crush on Ganni’s design lately”


What has been your biggest style failure?
” In generally just when I was at the age around 11 til 14 years old, I think that you could say that I maybe went though a little identity crisis, I have been Emo and so on… so yeah haha”

Do you have any favorite items in your wardrobe?
” Uh I can I pick more that one? hihi… well I would say my leather jacket from Hosbjerg, because its a leather jacket so it goes with pretty much everything. Otherwise I really adore my Valentino ballerina shoes”


Which items do you dream of owning?
” A long fur coat from Meotine… because its SO beautiful! and its freezing cold here in Copenhagen right now so..”


What is your best style tip?
” Don’t compare yourself with others, just be yourself “

If you want to see more of Amalie’s style and life, go follow her on Instagram and on her blog.

XX Nanna


Mood // I just need to talk about it.


First of all… I know that the headline doesn’t describe what this post actually contains, but sorry I’m not in a creative mood today.
I just want you guys to know why I haven’t been more out and about here on the blog lately, and there are actually a few reasons.

1) I work a lot.

2) People that I give my heart to, just don’t know what to do with it.

Yes, I work a lot, but it’s not the work in itself that’s been keeping me away from the blog lately…. The thing is that I’m disappointed. Disappointed by a lot of people… situations in my life… and yes by myself, cause I always blame myself (that’s just who I am).
Well… the thing is, there are very few people that I actually give my heart to, but when I do… I’m a 100% in it. And by that I don’t necessarily mean like a “relationship”, it means that I would probably do anything in the world, to make that special person happy… no matter what…. And when you feel that way about someone and they don’t see why you feel like you do, it can be difficult.
So as you maybe can hear I have been let down by a guy…. or actually more than one.
The first one, had never been in my cards and we tried to force feelings that weren’t actually there, and it ended very badly… and now we haven’t been talking for a long time… because it ended , because I shared something very private about myself and he kind of just took off after that. It left me with the feeling that I wasn’t good enough as a person, and that was just fucked up. And struggling with that thought in my head while I was working, left me with less focus on my work which I hated myself for, cause no matter what I work with, I always want to do my best, and I just felt that I couldn’t do that at the time. However, the time passed and I finally got emotionally stable again… and I felt that I was ready to discover a new meaningful person in my life.
And I met one… in a place I never thought I would find him… a person that I until a couple of hours ago, thought was a person that I maybe could have the honour to get to know even better. We have met a couple of times and I really enjoyed his company, and honestly, my impression was that he liked my company too. He told me a lot of things, that made me feel kinda special and a bit overwhelmed… and weird enough it meant the world to me, even though I didn’t know him… because I’m not gonna lie he gave me a storm of butterflies in my stomach, every time we talked.
But as everything seemed to go very well, something happened…And honestly, I don’t know what it was.. cause I just texted him like “hey” because I was bored…. and then he suddenly was like, “I think that we want different things” and now it feels like he doesn’t want to see me anymore. And it hurts, it really does, cause it just came out of the blue, so it was kind of a shock to me. And we had just talked yesterday, about seeing each other again this week, so I thought… or still think, that it’s so shocking that he just all of a sudden doesn’t want to see me anymore…. And I’m still here hoping that he one day will, cause I don’t know but there was just something very right about him…. even though he just ended it out of the blue.
So now I’m just reading my story about what’s going on in my life lately, over and over and I still don’t quite understand it… not that anyone actually cares about my private life, but I really just had to get it out of my system, before I could think of anything else.
And yes.. I know that there’s probably someone out there reading this, thinking why do you want to share such private things about yourself on the internet? Well… a very good friend of mine always told me…. don’t be scared to tell anyone what you think or feel about something or someone, it’s your feelings and it is what it is. And if people can’t handle that it’s just too bad for them.
Keeping your feelings or thoughts to yourself, just because you think that people may laugh at you or think you’re pathetic… You know what? That’s just bullshit, cause people should be able to handle things like that if they want to be a part of your life. So.. Yeah, just, never be afraid of waiting to tell people what you think or feel.
The truth is always the best.
And that’s why I haven’t deleted his number or anything… cause even though it sounds sad (and it is) I’m kinda waiting for him to call or text me, even though I don’t really know if that’s ever gonna happen.
But what can I say, I’m still here… waiting.

– Nanna
Thanks for listening.

Show me your style // Melissa Depol Hansen


So I’m finally back with another “Show me your style” post here on the blog.
This time I interviewed Melissa Depol Hansen, and she also happens to be a stylist for hvisk!
So keep scrolling if you wanna see more of Melissa’s style.


Melissa Depol Hansen.
A fashion lover – stylist for the jewelry company hvisk – with a thing for jackets.


Describe your style in three words.
“Feminine, classy, and a little raw.”

What are you wearing right now?
“My leather jacket from Zara, a top from H & M, trousers from Zara, shoes from Shoebiz, and last but not least my Marc Jacobs watch and my ring from Swarovski” 

What is most important to you in an outfit?
“That I feel comfortable, and that my style reflects my personality”


Who/what inspires you the most in terms of your style?
“Kylie Jenner, and otherwise generally Instagram .. especially kenzas

Favorite brands?
“Zara and Asos is definitely where I buy the most of my clothes, but if we are talking high end brands, then Chanel and Valentino is my absolute goals.”


What has been your biggest style failure?
“When I was younger I had a clumsy green and white striped shirt and to go with that, a denim skirt in every color of the rainbow.”

Do you have any favorite items in your wardrobe?
“My long pleated skirt from Mango and my leather jacket from Zara”


Which items do you dream of owning?
“A Chanel Boy bag is definitely my biggest goal.”

What is your best style tip?
“It’s always a good idea to start out with the basic’s and then subsequently spice it up with jewelry and statement pieces … Oh and a cool jacket can always spice up an outfit up.”

Hope that you enjoyed Melissa’s style and words, and make sure to follow her on Instagram!

XX Nanna


Hvisk stylings // A golden morning

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It’s been a long time sense the last time I made a styling for the jewelry company hvisk.
But today I finally had a little bit of time to create a new styling, so here is some of the photos.
Of course, these two pictures is not the only pics from my styling, but check out the rest of the photos from my new styling right here on my stylist profile.

My stylist profile.

XX Nanna


Monday monday monday


( Photo by Emil Backhausen )

I’m wearing:  Oversized tee // H&M (men)   sweatshit // H&M (men)  Trainers // Adidas  Choker // ebay

Monday monday monday….
Monday is that day of the week where everyone just wants to stay in bed and wait until its Tuesday, and today is no exception.
I’m going to work soon, and it’s a long day so yes you guessed right I don’t look forward to it…. but I have to say (and yes, this is not even a lie) that I actually really like my job, and I actually feel very blessed that I’m in a place in my life where I can say that and actually mean it.
As you guys may know I’m taking a year off to work before I go to the university next year, and I’m actually really happy about my desision to take a year off..cause it gives me the opportunity to do things I won’t be able to do while I’m studying… like traveling, saving money op, and of course blogging a little bit more.
So yeah.. thinking about all of this, actually makes me think that I’m happy about the fact that it’s Monday because…. I have no reason not to enjoy it.

“Be great full for what you have, or work hard until you feel that way”

XX Nanna


10 fall jackets under 50$


Find all the jackets right here!

Fall is on its way, so therefore I have recently found 10 jackets/coats… call them what you want…. but I think that all of them is perfect for the fall season, and the best part is that they are all under 50$! Yes, you heard right!
So go check them out.

XX Nanna


Recipe // the easiest and healthiest chips I have ever tried.


I’m always hungry and therefor I often eat a lot of small unhealthy snacks if I’m bored.
But here the other day I thought to myself ” why not make a healthy snack? “ I mean my family has a whole garden full of vegetables!?
So I found some green kale in my grandmothers garden and made these kale chips.
They’re super easy to make and taste quite good actually, so if you want to give them a try,  take a look at my recipe right here.


A lot of green kale

Olive oil

Sea salt

How to make the chips:

1) Set the oven to 160 degrees.

2) Wash the green kale.

3) Rip the kale into small pieces and spread them on the bakeplate.

4) Drip with a little olive oil and sea salt.

5) Let them bake for about 5 – 10 minutes.

XX Nanna


Show me your style // Susan Andreasen


I’m finally back with a new “show me your style” interview here on the blog.
This time I have interviewed Susan Andreasen (IG: 700susan), so read along to get a little glimpse of her style and personality, right here on the blog.

Susan Andreasen.
Sneak and food lover –  located in Copenhagen – with a love for R&B music.

IMG_1144 (1)

Describe your style in three words.
“Tomboy, casual, street”

What are you wearing right now?
“Thrasher hoodie, basic H&M T-shirt, a skirt from Weekday, Puma x Bape sneaks, random socks and my North face bag”

What is most important to you in an outfit?
“The most important thing is 100% that you can see a correlation between the clothes and the person who wears it”


Who/what inspires you the most in terms of your style?
“Social media of course , but often I just see people on the streets… oh and of course the queen Rihanna and Aleali May”

Favorite brands?
“Bape, Nike, gosha rubchinskiy and Vetements”

What has been your biggest style failure?
“Well…. the other day I was actually wearing an outfit consisting of a fleece jacket, above the ankle socks, a pair of small shorts (which you couldn’t see) and sneakers …. So that was kind of ugly, but I was only on my way to the grocery store”


Do you have any favorite items in your wardrobe?
“All of my oversized T-shirts and otherwise the sneaks that I’m wearing right now”

Which items do you dream of owning?
” Well..generally just clothes from Vetements, but a Celiné bag is definitely also a goal”

 What is your best style tip?
“Always start with a basic piece, so you then afterwards can build op your statement pieces” 

XX Nanna


My top 5 list of the best coffee spots in Copenhagen


So if you follow me on Instagram you have probably already noticed that I drink a lot of coffee.
So therefor I thought “why not make a list of my top 5 favorite places to drink my coffee in my hometown Copenhagen?” so that’s what I’m doing now.

My top 5

Café Glyptoteket.


Kent Kaffe Laboratorium.

Kaf’ bar 9

Original Coffee

So all of these coffee spots are all to find in the heart of Copenhagen, and of course they all make great coffee.
So if you ever find yourself in Copenhagen one day, go check them out.


XX Nanna

Collaboration with youtuber Ida Berg // Night out looks

Processed with MOLDIV

Hey! So this time I’m back with my friend and youtuber Ida Berg.
Ida is a great beautyyoutuber who creates awesome makeup looks on her own channel.
This time Ida and I made this little collaboration, where she has done our makeup looks and I have put our outfits together for a perfect night out.
I created 3 looks for each of us, so we both had one sexy look, one casual look and one cute look.
So keep scrolling if you want see all the outfits and of course check out Ida’s video where she does our makeup! There will be a link to the video at the bottom of this post. So go go go! and please tell us what you think in the comments.

Casual look.

Cute look 1 : T-shirt // H&M   Jeans // Zara   Shoes // H&M   Bag // Michael Kors  Bracelet // Balenciaga  Choker // Asos

DSC01123 (1)DSC01133DSC01126
Cute look 2 : Blazer // New Look  Pants // Monki  T-shirt // H&M  Sneaks // New Look  Bag // Chanel  Jewelry // Jane Kønig

Sexy look.

Sexy look 1: Dress // Part Two   Bomber // Zara(men)  Boots // Asos  Bag // Designermarket  Keyring // Copenhagen fur  Choker // Asos

Version 2DSC01167
Sexy look 2:  Skirt // Asos  Turtle neck // Vintage  Bomber // H&M (men)  Shoes // H&M  Bag // Designermarket

Cute look.

DSC01216DSC01203 DSC01218
Cute look 1 : Playsuit // Oh my love  Shoes // Zara  Bag // Michael Kors  Keyring // Copenhagen fur

Cute look 2 : Blouse // Zara   Skirt // Neo noir   Bomber // Zara (men)  Shoes // Zara   Bag // Chanel   Necklace // Jane Kønig  Earings  //  hvisk

The Makeup looks.



XX Nanna



A little something from Copenhagen fashion week

FullSizeRender-2Processed with MOLDIVIMG_0081FullSizeRender-1

Outfit: Shoes // New Look Skirt // From a holiday in Japan T-shirt // Acne Leather jacket // Zara Necklace // Brandy Melville Sunglasses // Moss Copenhagen

So Copenhagen fashion week/festival ended a few days ago and I attended a few events. My favorite event was definitely the one at hvisk’s showroom, because it’s hvisk and you just can’t help but love their jewelry collections… Though the Apair street dance show was pretty cool too!
But well, all in all I had a nice time even though I didn’t attend the whole week (because I’m just that busy), or attended any like…big catwalk shows, but “hey” I had fun with my friends at the smaller events and that was all I needed at the time. To have fun.

XX Nanna


My trip to Stockholm

Processed with MOLDIV

So I’m home from Stockholm! And I had an amazing trip and therefor I will of course tell you guys all about it.
I took a lot of pictures of the hotel, the area we were living in, the food and everything so I hope that you guys will find it interesting to read along while I share my first Stockholm experience with you guys.

//  MY HOTEL  //

Miss Clara by Nobis.

Processed with MOLDIV

So I went to Stockholm last week, and the city as well as my hotel were amazing. I stayed at the Miss Clara by Nobis hotel, which I think had a very nice location in the middle of the city. The room was beautiful with its modern and minimalistic style and VERY BIG windows! Otherwise the service was amazing, and the breakfast delicious.

Find the hotel right here.

// ART //

Moderna Museet – Yayoi Kusama – In Infinity.

Processed with MOLDIV

One of the days my dad and me went to the modern museet to see the art exhibition “In infinity” by Yayoi Kusama.
I have to say that I was kind of disappointed about the size of the whole thing, but at least all the art pieces were amazing!

// The food //

Processed with MOLDIV

So I ate a lot of food while I was there… course yeah. Why not? In Stockholm they have some of the same kind of quality food that we also have in Copenhagen. However, I have to say that I fund a new favorite burger place while I was there, which is nowhere to find in Copenhagen.The place is called Vigårda and it’s situated on Norrlandsgatan 13, 111 43 Stockholm, Sweden. I think the price of a menu is super cheap. And the best of it all? they have the best vegetarian burger I have ever tasted!

Find them on instagram right here.

Btw. If you guys have any other questions about any other places I have been eating in Stockholm, please just write it in the comment and I will try to guide you guys to some delicious places.

// Stockholm is a beautiful city //

Processed with MOLDIV

So all in all you may now have the impression that I’m completely in love withe Stockholm. And YES you’re right.
And honestly the city is filled with great architecture, great food, great shopping areas, great art…. so yeah how could I not fall in love withe this city? A thing that I’m completely in love with is the look of the buildings in Stockholm; they look a lot like the buildings in Copenhagen… just older and even more beautiful.

// Instagram spots //

Processed with MOLDIV

And of course I’m going to tell you guys about the Instagram spots. ‘Cause lets face it, there is nothing better than a good instagram post from a holiday.
Therefore I have found these two sites which will give you perfect guidance in where to go, to take that perfect Instagram photo, maybe you can recognize some of the places from my collages?

Site 1

Site 2

So all in all I had an amazing trip as you guys can hear.
Remember to stay tuned for later when my Stockholm video comes up right here on the blog.

XX Nanna



A quick outfit // while we are waiting

DSCF7388 DSCF7486IMG_5051 IMG_5049

Dress // t-shirt from H&M Men   Bag // Michael Kors   Jewelry // Norr

So I recently got home from Stockholm and I know that I said I would be going to blog while I was there…. But my computer kind of just broke down so couldn’t really blog… but luckily I took a lot of pictures and videos, so of course they will be up on the blog very soon.

But then I thought to myself… while we are waiting for that, why not share this outfit with you guys?”. So I went out to shoot these outfit pictures with Emil before I took off to Stockholm and I’m very happy about how the look of the pictures turned out to be. Emil is my very talented photographer and friend, and I’m so happy that I’ll have the opportunity to get to work with him on shoots like this. So if you’re into photography you should definitely go find him on instagram right here.

XX Nanna


Off to Stockholm + airplane tunes


Tomorrow I’m officially off to Stockholm and I’m so excited to explore the city!
So stay tuned here on the blog to see some off the things I explore while I’m there.
But right now I’m just packing for tomorrow, as you guys can see here on my beautiful IPhone photo haha.
But while I’m packing I also update my playlist a bit, so I thought … “why not share some of the new tunes with you guys?” So here they are.

ABRA – Fruit

Phlake – Angel Zoo

NOAH – Airport Bar


Beyoncé – Sorry

XX Nanna


Show me your style // Ekua Blankson

IMG_9551 (1)

I’m finally back with a new “show me your style” interview here on the blog.
This time I have interviewed Ekua Blankson from the blog, so read along to get a little glimpse of her style and personality.


Ekua Blankson.
Blogger located in Malmø – singer and fashion lover – with a crush on jesus.IMG_9566 (1)

Describe your style in three words.
“Clean, cheap, tomboyish, and a little feminine”

What are you wearing right now?
“My new black silky pants from Gina Trico, a t-shirt from Ebay, my blazer is from H&M, and sneakers (Hurrache – nike) from JD-sports”

What is most important to you in an outfit?
“The most important thing in an outfit for me is that I feel comfortable and that I feel like I am looking good”


Who/what inspires you the most in terms of your style?
“I collect styles from everybody, I mostly pick items that are ”in” and I try to put a small twist on it. I’m also inspired by youtubers and definitely Solange Knowles and the colorfull images she posts on Facebook”

Favorite brands?
“I don’t have A favorite brand, but I shop a lot in H&M, mostly because it is cheap and they have been stepping up their game recently. I also like Zara if I am going for something more feminine and womanish”

What has been your biggest style failure?
“Wearing a black mesh/fish net skirt to school were I got paranoid and thought everyone was looking up my skirt…. And that’s mostly why I have had style failures in life – I never felt comfortable in what I wore. I always wore what other people liked to wear and thought that what they wore was the answer to my problems”


Do you have any favorite items in your wardrobe?

“My yellow Versace dress from H&M’s collab collection with Versace, my tote bag from Weekday which was really cheap, my dark-brown suede leather jacket from Hambourg, and my Stan Smith’s in green”


Which items do you dream of owning?

“Definitely a Chanel bag and Nike Classic Cortez – my all-time dream sneaker right now”

 What is your best style tip?
“Feel comfortable in what you wear! And wear it with dignity!”

XX Nanna


Urban summertime // outfit

DSCF4090 (1)DSCF3616DSCF3685 DSCF4078DSCF3669DSCF4049

Bag // Michael Kors   Skirt // Neo Noir   Blouse // Random   Shoes // Adidas  Jewelry // Norr


The sun was out so my friend and photographer Emil and I went out to take these outfit shoots in an area called Ørestad, which is a relatively new built city not far from Copenhagen.
Ørestad has this really modern architecture surrounded by a quiet nature, which I think is so funny to think about…because you can literally just look right at a huge modern building and then just walk around the block, and then you see a field in front of you…and I don’t know, I just think that’s a little funny.
But back to the pictures… a thing that I really adore about these pictures, is the kind of urban vibe you’ll get from each and every one of them. The pictures are just so me, and I think it fits my vision of this blog perfectly, and I’m therefor really thankful for all Emil’s help.

I hope that you all are enjoying the summertime 🙂

XX Nanna



Solen var ude, så min ven og fotograf Emil og jeg tog ud for at skyde disse outfitbilleder i Ørestad’s området, hvilket er en forholdsvis nybygget bydel, tæt på København.
Jeg synes personligt at området er lidt sjovt med dens moderne arkitektur, som er omringet af en stille natur.
Man kan ærligt talt stå og kigge direkte på en kæmpe moderne kontorbygning, og efterfølgende gå rundt om hjørnet og se en mark lige foran sig… og jeg ved ikke, det synes jeg vel bare er lidt sjovt.
Men for at vende tilbage til billederne…. en ting som jeg virkelig elsker ved de her billeder er den Urban vibe man får fra hvert enkelt billede. Samtidig syntes jeg også at, billederne passer perfekt ind i min vision omkring bloggens udtryk, og jeg kan derfor ikke takke Emil nok for at have hjulpet mig.

Håber i nyder sommeren 🙂

XX Nanna


Just graduated!!

Processed with MOLDIV

(Processed with MOLDIV)


Endelig blev det min tur til at blive student!
Det har kostet stress, læsning, og massere af tårer, men nu har jeg endelig nået målstregen og kan kalde mig selv for student årgang 2016.
Den kommende studenter uge, ser jeg derfor også rigtig meget frem til da den skal nydes i fulde drag, sammen med familie og ikke mindst mine skønne veninder og venner.
Der skal drikkes øl, danses natten lang, og ikke mindst få lavet et par mærker i huen.
Med hensyn til mit gennemsnit og min sidste eksamens karakter, kan jeg sige at begge dele er havnet i den gode ende af karakterskalaen..

XX Nanna

Pssst.. skal du deltage i studenter ugen?  og er du lige blevet student ? skriv det i kommentaren 🙂 !



Finally it was my turn to graduate!
The gymnasium has cost me stress, a lot of reading, and plenty of tears, but now I have now reached the finish line and can now call myself
Student 2016.
I will therefore in the upcoming week, just be enjoying my time with my family and friends.
I’m gonna dance all night long, drink way too much beer, and of course getting some marks in my graduation hat!
Besides that, I can say that my average and my last exam grade both have ended up in the high end of the scale, which I’m so happy for!

Psst .. have you just graduated? write it in a comment 😉 !


Five festival outfits you must try this summer

Skærmbillede 2016-06-10 kl. 15.08.38

Find de forskellige items her.

Festival er = sommer, og derfor har jeg lige nu skabt disse 5 outfits til dem af jer, som skal deltage i nogle af sommerens mange forskelige festivaler.
Det første look jeg har sat sammen, har jeg fokuseret meget på den nye trend med homemade styge mærker på tøjet, som jeg synes er mega sjovt, da man dermed kan få lavet sig en helt unik piece. Udover det synes jeg også at de helt old school vans, er super fede og så er de bestemt også en model som for alvor er ved at blive mega in igen.


Find the items here.

Festivals are = Summer! Because of this very reason, I’ve created these 5 full outfits to those of you, that are going to participate in som of the various festivals in the danish summer.
In the first look, I’ve been focusing on the new trend of homemade patches on denim clothing, a trend that I found amusing, as it enables you to create a unique piece of clothing. Moreover, i think that the old school vans, are super awesome, and they are definitely a model that is making a serious comeback.

Skærmbillede 2016-06-10 kl. 15.14.05

Find de forskellige items her.

I mit andet look, har jeg valgt at fokusere lidt mere på den rockede side, som i måske også allerede ved, at jeg er mega fan af hehe.
Men i hvert fald, det her er et outfit man simpelhent ikke kan gå galt i byen med, det er ifølge mig et helt klassisk festival look, med en masse denim og læder, og sidst men ikke mindst et par Rayban, så man godt kørende.
Btw… lad os lige give os selv et minut eller to, til at kommer os over hvor fuldkommen vidunderlig læderjakken fra Saint Laurent i dette outfit her, jeg mener helt ærligt er den ikke bare smuk?


Find the items here.

In my other look, I’ve been focusing a bit more on getting in a rock type of feel, as you already know, that I’m quite a fan of that.
Anyways, this outfit is one that you simply can’t be callout out for wearing, since it, at least according to me, is a classic festival look, with plenty o’ leather and denim, and least, but not least, a pear of Ray Ban sunglasses; I’d say that you’re pretty well off.

Btw.. let’s just for a quick moment stand in complete awe of how totally out-of-dimensionally awesome this leather jacket from Saint Laurent is, particularly in this outfit, I mean, like seriously, isn’t it just lovely?

Skærmbillede 2016-06-12 kl. 00.13.18


Find de forskellige items her.

I mit tredje look har jeg valgt at kører den lidt længere ud med farvepaletten, end hvad jeg normalt gør.
Jeg har derfor i dette outfit stylet en rigtig lækker t-shirt fra Comme Des Garçons, med et par vildt søde shorts fra New Look, som pga. af deres farvede striber giver det et lidt mere mundret og sommerligt look, især toppet med de fine solbriller med lyserødt glas.


Find the items here.

In my third look I’ve chosen to take it a bit futher in terms of color, than what I’d normally do. Therefore, in this outfit, I’ve chosen to style a delicious little t-shirt from Comme des Garçons with a pair of sweet-ass shorts from New Look, that, because of their dyed stripes give the entire look a little touch of summer. Especially when sprinkled with the fine sunglasses with pink glass.

Skærmbillede 2016-06-11 kl. 09.05.53

Find de forskellige items her.

Denim er et must denne sommer, eller generelt bare denner her sæson..Derfor har jeg selvfølgelig også tilføjet lidt denim her i mit fjerde look, i form af en ripped denim jakke. I kontrast til jakkens fine blå farve har jeg for at gøre det helt enkelt, bare tilføjet en sort spagettig strop kjole, et par sorte stans og en kasket til en lille afløser for solbrillerne, til dem af jer der gerne vil undgå tanlines fra solbrillerne 😉


Find the items here.

This summer, denim is a must, or well, just generally this season.. Because of this very reason, I have of course chosen to add a bit of denim to fourth look, In the form of a ripped denim jacket. In contrast to the fine blue color of the jacket, I’ve simply added a black spaghetti-like dress and a cap in stead of the sunglasses, in order to make the outfit as a whole more simple, for those of you who would rather not wear the sunglasses.

Skærmbillede 2016-06-11 kl. 09.11.10

Find de forskellige items her.

I mit femte og sidste look, har jeg valgt noget så klassisk som en smækbuksekjole som jeg ville kalde det, jeg ved ikke rigtig om der findes en mere korrekt betegnelse for den, hehe men altså, sammen med den ville jeg nok tage en eller anden form for nørgaard trøje på til og til sidst toppe det med et par behagelige sneaks og et tørklæde, bare fordi.
Jeg håber at de ovenstående outfits har været inspirerende på en eller anden måde, personligt er jeg i hvert fald helt vild med outfit nr. 1 og nr. 2

Rigtig god dag til jer.

XX Nanna



Find the items here.

In my fifth look, I have chosen something as classic as a dungaree dress. I would probably personally wear some type of Nørgaard shirt with it, and at last top it off with a pair of comfortable sneakers and a scarf, just because.
I truly hope (and believe!) that the above outfits have been inspiring in one way or another, and i personally particularly enjoy outfit 1 and 2.

Have a good one!

XX Nanna


Out and about flashing my pale legs // Outfit

DSCF3356DSCF3402Version 2DSCF3315DSCF3406

Cardigan //  DAY – Birger et Mikkelsen   Dress // Asos   Sneakers //  Adidas   Bag // Chanel    Jewelry // Balenciaga, Pilgrim   Headband // H&M


Det er ikke særlig tit jeg kommer ud her for tiden, og det er mest af alt pga. mine afsluttende eksamener virkelig er ved at tage fart. Jeg har nu afsluttet fire eksamener og der er dermed nu kun tre tilbage for mit vedkommende, hvilket er super lækkert at tænke på!
Men i hvert fald, en dag hvor jeg rent faktisk var ude, var her forleden da jeg skød disse outfitbilleder sammen med min ven og fotograf Emil.
Jeg er helt vild med det lette og simple look billederne har fået, dog mener jeg selv at mine utroligt blege ben ødelægger det lidt, haha, men hey… hvem har tid til at sole sig, når man skal sidde og læse til eksamen hele tiden?

XX Nanna



Lately I haven’t been out and about that much, and it’s mostly because of my exams.
But, I have now finished four of my exams and that means that i only have three left now before I graduate, which is pretty awesome to think about!
But well.. one day when I actually was out, was the other day when I was out shooting these outfit pictures with my friend and photographer Emil.
And I’m absolutely in love with the kinda bright and simple look that the pictures have, however, i do think that my legs look incredibly pale….. but hey, who has the time to lie down on the beach and get a tan, when you have to read for exams constantly?

XX Nanna