Reflecting on social medias impact

You see, I recently received this cute and ironic turtleneck and it brought some thoughts to my head…Okay, that was just me trying to make a smooth entrance to this heavy topic I’m about to share my thoughts on. Hmmm…

Well I’ve personally had a lot of both good and bad thoughts about social media… or actually, just every kind of media in general. So I feel like it’s about time to open up my scalp and let the thoughts flow…That sounded way more dramatic than I first had imagined.
But whatever.

The reality is, or my reality is…that I think we live in the most media controlled time so far.
I do personally feel lucky that I grew up in a childhood that did not contain smartphones or tablets that was constantly trying to get in touch with the parallel world that we have created and calls the internet.
Medias history, in general, goes way-way waaaaay back so I don’t think we need to go into details about medias occurrence and stuff like that. I don’t wanna bore you… Because if you have just read your history books through middle school it’s pretty obvious, that ever since a simple media form like an old-school newspaper was invented different kinds of media platforms has since then exponentially grown and have now reached a level of power that leaves way more impact on how we all think and act today, without even noticing.
Thanks to the technological development that has transformed the old school newspapers and commercials into apps that are filled with even more news and commercials, plus a huge social aspect coming from the updates on peoples social lives. Which has resulted in, that many other media form has become social media and are now almost an incorporated part of our personal lives in such huge an amount that’s never seen before?

We are talking lifestyle, fashion, music, health, political opinions and opinions just, in general, all the little random things that life is mostly about. So if you think of it, the media have in fact, become one of the biggest influence factors on our lives, and if you ask me, social media is now almost having a bigger influence on people than the people around the people has…and are constantly in charge of how we see and perceives the world. Even if we like it or not.
Now, of course, if you are living on a farm far far away and have never ever in your life seen an iPhone or created an IG feed, lucky you. Run while can, and be happy that your mind was never touched by this crazy technological world. I’m just kidding, I assume you already fell in like everyone else…because, otherwise how would you even be here reading this blog post right now?

But because of this social media explosion that had happened over the last few years, my concern lays in…do we even think our own thoughts after all then? or is it just a product or some kind of brainwash that we aren’t even aware of that was actually happening while we were busy “living our lives”? look I’m just as confused as you are right now, so let’s take a step back and reflect for a minute.

Okay, I’m back now.

Well, I’ve been thinking… again.
But I just read some articles written by some random psychologists that talks about how we since birth all are created to learn from what we see and hear around us. Just like the animals we are.
So the thing about social media and how it grows into our mindsets are actually pretty simple. I mean its natural to observe and learn right? because, how could you had even known better if you already felt the need to go look for answers? And social media is an easy way to go since its right there on our phones, computers, tablets and so on… we use it to speak to our loved ones, we use it for work, we use it educationally, we use it whenever we need answers of what to do or where to go, and much much more…
And it’s here it gets dangerous. Because even though social media is great in that way, that we might learn something new from each other or see things from different perspectives and therefore understand each other better, I personally think that we just have to be more aware of the data we let in to our system… because, not all of us are showing every side of our story or opinions, or the opinions behind the opinions.
I’m not always… It’s a lot of work you know?.
But well, the fact that social media is now such a big part of our everyday life is also what makes it easy for big companies, politicians, or actually just for anybody, to manipulate us to think or feel something. That might be real, but also might be fake.
So I think you can say…in some way, that there is a lot of fake news that is only created to push your thoughts, that pushes your feelings, and can end up creating a new opinion for you to have, which you can do whatever you wanna do with, but is it really you? or were you manipulated? did you think of this before someone else planted this feeling, this place or this idea in your head?

Stereotypes, lifestyle, trends, and whatever…I feel like every opinion of this age is, in fact, a product of social media.

Okay, I can feel that I have to stop myself now because I go on forever about this topic.
But my point is actually just to make you more aware of the control that social media actually have on your life and on my life too.
I’m not saying that there’s a huge need to fight it, but I think its definitely something we should keep in mind every day when we open up our computer.
Especially when we go out in the world/our technological world where we constantly unconsciously create and compare ourselves…and we all know that isn’t really healthy in the long run, so just be you and you’ll be great.

And if you are finding yourself bored one day, and you wanna discuss this topic even further? don’t feel shy to email me.

XX Nanna

A quick note

Confusion is okay.
Being confused is what makes everything a bit more interesting.
But, please don’t mix confusion with the feeling of fear, trust me that’s a dangerous cocktail.
Instead…just mix confusion with whatever makes you happy.

I just felt like sharing that.

XX Nanna

An interview done by two friends sitting in a pool together

Where are we?
“We are at Skodsborg Spa” 

If we weren’t here, where would you have gone to relax today?

“Home enjoying the weather”

How do you clear your mind?
“I normally relax at my house with no obligations to do. Just me, myself and I”

What is the best treatment you think you can give yourself to feel extra relaxed and zen-ish?
“To not feel stressed, start the day with a clear mind and a good 9hours sleep. Normally the night before I try to write down my thoughts in a book, so I can let everything go when I sleep, or else I become stressed while I am sleeping”

The best outfit to relax in is?
“Loungewear or naked. I don’t mind being naked at my own place. But loungewear, where no bra is needed, nothing too tight”

What artists do you listen to at the moment, when you feel like it’s time to escape?
“I listen to Lianna Havas, it’s so relaxing to listen to her. Plus her voice I beautiful”

If you had to choose between drinking coffee or tea right now, what would you choose?
“Coffee, I am kinder obsessed”

What is the advise you wish people would tell you when your feeling stressed?
“To let everything go and RUN! just kidding…I would like people to help and let me relax or offer something; just telling me everything is going to be okay I guess”

Try to describe the most ideal escape spot that you could ever imagine.
“Put me on an island without internet and just palm trees and healthy foods”

You can follow Ekua on her blog and Instagram right here.

XX Ekua & Nanna



So one of my good friends made this video…

So my good friend Mikkel have been playing around with some videos, and since Mikkel has other friends too…those friends asked him to do a little music video for their band called “The kids in the hall”.
And since I am Mikkel’s friend, I’m, of course, supporting him and his creativity by spreading the word here on my little blog.

Simply just search for The kids in the hall – Music is my best friend on youtube.

XX Nanna


Lace Bras

Lace is elegant, lace is feminine, lace is classic, and last but not least lace is so perfectly French.
I personally love lace bras and it’s pretty much the only kind of bra that I ever wear.
Lace bras are btw also super smart doing the summertime, psssst you get a lot of air to your boobs.
And last but not least ( yes she said it twice) if you have small banana boobs I can tell from personal experience that lace bras look incredibly sexy on you.
Your welcome, my bras are from &OtherStories and Monki.

XX Nanna

(A big thank you to Ekua and her beautiful hand)


The thing about standing up for yourself and loving who you truly are …

Hello people, it’s me, Nanna.

I’ve been wanting to talk about this for a really long time…But today was the day, that I finally realized that I had to come clean, not just to the people around, but mostly for myself, so I can begin to live my life fully and surround myself with the things that I love to do.
The topic of today is how I’ve got to learn to love – and own up to – who I truly am… to embrace both my personality, passions and dreams.
For the past few months I’ve been consulting a psychologist because of some mental issues that I’m struggling with…the things I’m struggling with are still to private for me to share though, but I guess we all have our secrets.
But I can tell you that the last time I was in therapy my psychologist reminded me of one (sorry for my language) motherfucking important thing! life is too short to let all the bad things and people in your life get you down.
For a long time I’ve been scared of being who I am, own it and embrace it. And the weird thing is that Im not scared to let the world know, but I’m scared to embrace it in front of my closest. And that have just made me feel awful about myself for a really long time, I mean your family should be the people that know you the best right? But for me…it’s just not the case right now.
I mean of course they know me, most of them have seen me grow up, but a lot have been going on the last few years….and lets just say I’ve had my ups and downs, that very few people know about.
But now I’m finally beginning to feel better, but this little tiny thing is still knocking me down everyday.
Because.. I feel that my parents (whom I love endlessly of course) doesn’t accept my interests or who I’ve become the last few years.
I’ve changed a lot, not my personality but my interests have definitely changed.
My parents got a divorce when I was about 10-11 years old, and I’ve lived with my dad ever since.
Me and my dad had always had a huge passion for motorsports and I’ve been driving gokart for many years and I loved it.
But since I started at the gymnasium and things were getting totally out of hand with my mental health and I was feeling completely damaged inside, because of all the bad thoughts and stress in my head.
I had to quit school for a whole year.
The next year I started again, but realised that I had to quit one of my biggest passions and hobbies, motorsports.
I remember being devastated about telling my dad that I wasn’t going to drive anymore, because of school. But he saw the point with my decision very quickly. But I think he at some point always thought I would start driving again after I’ve finished school.
But as I said earlier my interests really went form one end of the spectrum to the other.
I’ve always been very creative as a kid and I think it just came back to me in the past few years. I’ve started drawing, editing, taking pictures, and all in all just creating something again.
And then I threw my love on fashion and social media.
That’s why I started a blog and just recently started a little youtube channel, because I just like to create something.

But my parents are of course from another generation than I am, so they don’t quite understand what a blog or a youtube channel is…
They have created their own vision on social media persons, like youtubers, bloggers or instagramers  as people that just love to think that they are better than anybody else, and just want to throw their perfect life up in your face every time you open your instagram.
People that only think THEY are the shit and maybe take themselves a little bit too seriously.
But in some case my parents just forgot I guess, that I’m not like that.
And thats why they just never really accepted it before today.
Because today I told them, that they made me sad for being who I am…and for not supporting me in my dreams and new passions.
And honestly when my parents doubt me, I doubt me too.
Because I just really wanted to make them proud, but even though the most important thing is to first of all make myself proud.
The worst feeling is to feel like you have to hide a part of yourself everyday. And I’ve never felt that I had to hide in front of strangers, but definitely in front of my family definitely because I’ve alway known that they wouldn’t understand at all.
But you can’t hide forever, and nobody should because it’s hella exhausting and it just made me more and more insecure about myself. I mean I’ve never shared my blog on my facebook wall because I was scared that people that know my family would start asking them questions, and then I thought my family maybe would be like ” yeah I don’t really know whats going on ether”.

That’s why I realised that I had to find some courage to speak up and tell them point of view.
We have now had a really long talk about all of this, and my parents were truly happy that I actually shared my thoughts like this and stood up for myself. Besides that, they have now seen the differences between bloggers, youtubers and so on, and realised that it’s not all of us that just want to talk about how amazing our lifes are our how you just can’t be fashionable without a crazy expensive designer bag, that you only should buy brand new from the Chanel store and never second hand.
Some of us just like to share fashion inspiration, play with colours and prints, photography and video editing, and most importantly share a little personality and relate to other pepole.
Because I see it as a give an take business, you get inspired and then you inspire.
You read a story and maybe related to it, and then maybe starts to reflect over your own life or decisions. And who knows maybe it helps maybe it doesn’t, but at least it was some kind of entertaining.

That’s why I’m so relieved now that my parents actually  know me for who I am again.
And most of all accept me, so I can start not being scared anymore, because now I know they got my back.

Promise me you never hide yourself for so long like I did, life is to short to not live your dreams and passions, and not embracing yourself for being just who you want to be, yourself.
I know that now.

XX Nanna

Copenhagen fashion week // Zalando Studios

Hello ladies and gents,
So as you may know Copenhagen fashion week started this week.
Personally I used to go to all the events that I possibly could, but this year I really dont’t have the time for it.
Because I’m now working a fulltime job in Monki which I’m so happy about, but of course working 37 hours a week takes a lot of time, even thought its in the best store with the best colleges ever.
But! Monday night I scrolled through CFW Instagram site, and there was a competition going on where you could win an entrance for two people to the Zalando Studio x Copenhagen fashion week event, there would be goodiebags, drinks and snacks , and lots of interviews with designers form all over Scandinavia, an interview focusing about personal branding, trend AW17 talk with Mie Juel and Mads Emil Grove Møller, Scandinavian style interview with Malene Malling, exhibition, lounge and a fashion show with some of the new design talents, and of course a cocktail hour where DJ Emilie Lilja would be playing.
And yeah then me and Melissa won, whup whup!
But we both had to work that day, Melissas had no problem getting the day off, but I had a little struggle because I didn’t knew if I could go earlier form my shift. But for my luck and because I have the best boss in the world,
my boss said that it was okay for me to leave earlier.

So I literally ran down to the metro after work, got on my way the to ‘Papirhallen’ where the whole thing was going to be hosted.
Met dear Melissa and we were ready to atten the event. Btw that’s also why I looked so casual in some of the photos, because I came directly from work haha.
But yeah the event was brilliantly planned, my favourite part of the event was the fashion show with new design talents.
I especially liked the collection from Heliot Emil.
The first picture here in this post is actually a picture of my favourite look from the collection.

And of course moving on to the goodiebag.
In the goodiebag there were all the things you see here on the picture above, and of course a lot of snacks and drinks. But I ate it all, sorry I’m a hungry girl. There was also a little love tag form Jane Kønig with the letter Z, it was possible to exchange it to another letter, but I decided to keep it, since my old dog’s name was ‘Zigo’.

And after a perfect day with fashion shows, and a lot of interviews with some of the best people in the business here in Denmark.
Me and Melissa decided to eat at Tony’s and get a three meal dinner.
And I can say that it was delicious.

I hope you guys have a lovely fashion week.

XX Nanna


What is beauty? // Karen Lolgeeti

Before anybody reads this, I would like to say that I know that not everyone can relate to the things that I’m talking about here in this post.
I know that it may cost me hate and love.
But… everyone has the right to speak, and tell their thoughts to the world.
So that’s what I’m / we are going to do now.
– Love

As a person born into the world as female being, something always comes along with that… like there comes with everything.
Like… when a cheetah is born into this world we suspect it to have little black dots all over its body, and grow up and run faster than anybody else… Or when a rose is supposed to jump out at springtime, the world suspects it to be red and beautiful.
And like the rose and the cheetah…when a human girl is born into this world, we suspect her to be feminine, because she’s a girl right? And when we say feminine, most of us thinks of a beautiful girl gifted with a soft voice. But is that really it?
Is that in reality all we can think of, when we think of a female human being? Beauty?
Lately I have been struggling with these kind thoughts inside of my head and this is only a little piece of them. So please forgive me, this post can be misunderstood, but I’ll do my best. But you have to understand that I’m worried. I’m worried about the future that the younger generation of women is going to face.
Because… I don’t want any girl growing up thinking that society already has chosen who these little girls are going to be.
Just because they’re girls, they don’t have to be the society’s version of the feminine. They can, and I hope they will, be their own version of feminine… their own version of beauty… and just truly be themselves. Just like every living thing on this planet should be.
But to make people think about this topic, just a little… I have interviewed a young and beautiful woman named Karen, who has a thing or two to say about this.
Pssst… she’s actually my sister in law.

Small interview – What is beauty? – 13/1/2017 – 15:00.

What do you personally think that feminism stands for?
“Personally, I like to think of feminism as a word that stands for, strong women who fights for the rights for being just what they are or want to be”

How does society affects your vision of women’s beauty in your everyday life?

“First of all I think that social media has a lot to do with how people around the world looks on the stereotypical beauty type for women, if you can say so… My theory is, that the media sometimes send an unrealistic vision on how a beautiful girl looks like, you know, women doesn’t only come in one body shape. And with that, I think that men, not all men, of course… but some men, may look at those Instagram photos or whatever, and start to think that that is the frame for being beautiful as a woman. And that affects a lot of women, of course… but personally commercials, Instagram photos and so on doesn’t really get to me now for some reason, but when I was younger it did, of course, because at the age of 13 you don’t really know what’s going on, so all you do is just trying to keep up”

What do you think about beauty idols? Is that a good or a bad thing?

” It depends on what kind of beauty idol that people are looking up to, as it is now… where every girl wants to look like a Victorias Secret model or Kim K, or maybe just want a look that only 1 out of a 1000 women can have, then I think its a ridiculous thing… but if the idol is you know, a healthy idol, a woman who takes care of her body and exercise and eats healthy, then I think its a good beauty idol, because that is pretty much what I find attractive. But at the same time… you know, every body shape can be / and is beautiful… so it’s very difficult to give just one answer”

What do you define as true beauty?

” I think that the most important thing about being or feeling beautiful is personal radiance, I mean, you know… you have to accept yourself and your own body, before you can embrace it and be fully happy about it… and when you’re mentally happy about yourself it shows so much on the outside, and that’s what I think real beauty is… its that positive personal radiance that light up in peoples faces when they believe in themselves, and with that in mind you can pretty much look at any body type and think that every single one of them is beautiful if just the positive personal radiance is there”

When do you feel the most beautiful?

“ Well… I work out a lot, that’s sort of my thing.. I pretty much work out 2 hours a day and I love it, I love to push myself in that way, into getting stronger and healthier, so I would defiantly say when I have worked out and are eating healthy. Because that’s where I mentally also has the most profit in my brain, to just shine bright in my everyday life so… “

If you should give young girls an advice about feeling beautiful? what would it be?

” Well.. I would definitely say that the most important thing is to be yourself and be comfortable with who you are and what you do, I mean, if you are feeling good about working out, then do that, or if you’re fine with eating healthy, then do that, or if you maybe love doing make-up then keep doing that, but it’s also a question about balance. Because you have to also be able to relax if you’re not doing those things that keeps you going… I mean personally I hate when I miss a workout session at the gym, and that’s something I’m really working with, because that’s not how it’s suppose to be…. I mean you just have to let go sometimes and just relax. “

I hope that this post just made a little sense… I mean, my most important thought behind this post was actually just to get people wondering or maybe just talk about this topic over the dinner table.
Because I think that there’s a lot to talk about. And I know that there are maybe some other girls out there that really need to discuss this topic.
So keep talking.
But you have to remember, no one is perfect… and I’m not saying with this post that Instagram and social media is only a bad thing, and you should cut it out of life forever or anything… No! Don’t do that. If you love it, then embrace it.
And personally, you guys probably know that I like social media, because it gives me the opportunity to be more creative and share it with others who lives with the same passion.
So yeah, my last words… go be who you want to be and eat that pizza if you want to.

XX Nanna
” A special thanks to Karen for sharing your personal thoughts “
If you guys wants to see more of Karens life, check out her Instagram right here.


My New Years Eve.

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So I know its been a couple of days since we all jumped into the new year.
But, a lot of things have been going on lately, so that why I haven’t been more active here on the blog and I’m sorry for that.
But whatever, I hope that you guys had a nice time on New Years Eve surrounded by your loved once.
Personally, I celebrated the evening at my friend Anna’s apartment, which has this amazing view over the ocean and the city, so we could enjoy the beautiful fireworks fully.
But otherwise, we were about 10 people eating a vegan dinner together, which was so pretty delicious!
And of course after that, we drank a lot of champagne, and actually a lot of mojitos too.
So we got drunk and me and my girls were just singing old R&N songs all night long.
And when the clock were 00:00 I kissed my man into the new year of course.

XX Nanna

// The guide //

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Processed with MOLDIV

Hey guys!
So I’ve recently gotten a lot of requests concerning how I edit my Instagram photos, so I thought; Why not make a quick and easy guide for you guys. This guide will explain the way I edit the photograph, step-by-step. We’re going to use a cup of coffee as our example, since that’s a pretty common thing to post on Instagram.. right?

Step 1.
The first thing I always do is to access the photo in my iphone’s picture gallery, and press “edit” in the top right-hand corner.

Step 2.
With the picture ready for editing, i start off by enabling the “auto-editing” function. I then use the fade-filter.

Step 3.
In step three i adjust exposure and contrast in varying degrees according to the given picture. For instance, in picture 3, i have decreased the exposure and enhanced the contrast. Moreover, the glance-lighting is decreased, since I find that suitable for this picture.

Step 4.
We now move on to use the Instagram app itself. In here, I turn down the heat of the picture.

Step 5.
The Instagram app also has the functions of “structure” and “sharpness”. I have turned up both of these functions to enhance the sharpness and details of the photo.

So now you have an idea of how I edit mainstream pictures myself on Instagram. This stuff isn’t the most pro stuff out there, but I like to keep it simple.

XX Nanna


Monday monday monday


( Photo by Emil Backhausen )

I’m wearing:  Oversized tee // H&M (men)   sweatshit // H&M (men)  Trainers // Adidas  Choker // ebay

Monday monday monday….
Monday is that day of the week where everyone just wants to stay in bed and wait until its Tuesday, and today is no exception.
I’m going to work soon, and it’s a long day so yes you guessed right I don’t look forward to it…. but I have to say (and yes, this is not even a lie) that I actually really like my job, and I actually feel very blessed that I’m in a place in my life where I can say that and actually mean it.
As you guys may know I’m taking a year off to work before I go to the university next year, and I’m actually really happy about my desision to take a year off..cause it gives me the opportunity to do things I won’t be able to do while I’m studying… like traveling, saving money op, and of course blogging a little bit more.
So yeah.. thinking about all of this, actually makes me think that I’m happy about the fact that it’s Monday because…. I have no reason not to enjoy it.

“Be great full for what you have, or work hard until you feel that way”

XX Nanna


Just graduated!!

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Endelig blev det min tur til at blive student!
Det har kostet stress, læsning, og massere af tårer, men nu har jeg endelig nået målstregen og kan kalde mig selv for student årgang 2016.
Den kommende studenter uge, ser jeg derfor også rigtig meget frem til da den skal nydes i fulde drag, sammen med familie og ikke mindst mine skønne veninder og venner.
Der skal drikkes øl, danses natten lang, og ikke mindst få lavet et par mærker i huen.
Med hensyn til mit gennemsnit og min sidste eksamens karakter, kan jeg sige at begge dele er havnet i den gode ende af karakterskalaen..

XX Nanna

Pssst.. skal du deltage i studenter ugen?  og er du lige blevet student ? skriv det i kommentaren 🙂 !



Finally it was my turn to graduate!
The gymnasium has cost me stress, a lot of reading, and plenty of tears, but now I have now reached the finish line and can now call myself
Student 2016.
I will therefore in the upcoming week, just be enjoying my time with my family and friends.
I’m gonna dance all night long, drink way too much beer, and of course getting some marks in my graduation hat!
Besides that, I can say that my average and my last exam grade both have ended up in the high end of the scale, which I’m so happy for!

Psst .. have you just graduated? write it in a comment 😉 !


What’s in my camera roll?

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Så jeg fik den her tanke, at nu hvor de fleste bloggere for det meste altid deler flotte og nærmest perfekte billeder af deres liv.
Og ja, dette inkluderer selvfølgelig også mig selv af og til, for det jo normalt ikke fordi at man får læsere af at poste grimme billeder af sine havergryn, så hvorfor poste det?.
Personligt tænker jeg at det er en meget god måde at holde min blog lidt nede på jorden, så jeg ikke kommer til at iscenesætte et billede af mig som blogger, som et menneske uden problemer, dårlige hårdage og mærkelig humor.
Derfor tænkte jeg, hvorfor ikke dele de billeder som faktisk fylder mest i min kamerarulle, sådan helt på dagligbasis?
Så ja, jeg har lavet denne fine collage med billeder fra min hverdag, sjove selfies mm.
Det første billede jeg gerne vil tale om, er det nederst til venstre, som er et billede af mig og min ven Ahmed som gør brug af den mest geniale snapchatfunktion nogensinde, som i mit tilfælde bliver brugt en del .
Det billede ved siden af det, er et meget flot “drunk moment” billede af mig og min veninde Amanda, fra back in the old days. Og  det samme gælder de to øvre billeder af mig og Ida i metroen, det var btw efter vi havde drukket de der cocktails på dalle.
Det øverste billede til højere, er et billede af min dejlige lillesøster som fik lov at lege med makeup, da jeg passede hende for ikke så langtid siden og som i nok kan se, blev der givet den gas med den røde læbestift.
Billedet nedenunder det, er en typisk “jeg har fundet en banan selfie” og ja, jeg ved ikke, hvis jeg ser en banan på køkkenbordet herhjemme tager jeg som regel altid en selfie med den, I know det mærkeligt, men det sådan det nu er haha.
En lille ven som jeg også har mange billeder af, er min elskede hund Boggi. Han er seriøst det sjoveste at tage billeder af nogengange, da han virkelig kan have sine sjove moments.
Resten af billederne er egentlig bare billeder, af smukke ting og steder som jeg oplever i min hverdag, så som blomsterbilleder, ved blomsterbutikken på størget. Tror nærmest at det billede er obligatorisk for et hvert Instagram elskende hunkøn.

XX Nanna

Jane kønig // daily status

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Puha.. den første uge her efter ferien, har fuld fart på med både aftaler og skole.
Men det vel bare hverdagen, som forsigtigt sniger sig ind på livet igen, for mit vedkommende. Heldigvis er det ikke en stressende tilstand jeg befinder mig i indtilvidere, da de fleste af mine aftaler er med mine veninder, som jeg ikke har fået set voldsomt meget her på det sidste og derfor, glæder jeg mig meget til at bruge lidt tid med dem hver især. Jeg har blandt andet brugt min eftermiddag på, at drikke kaffe på mit værelse sammen med min veninde A, hvilket var hyggeligt som altid. Imorgen skal jeg bruge min dag på lidt mere kaffe hygge, sammen med min veninde P, og fredag står den på min fars fødselsdag, men først lidt hygge med min veninde E, hehe vi skal på grillen, til sidst står den på brunch om søndagen med min skønne I, som også er kendt for sin youtube kanal Ida Berg O. Så man må sige, at jeg har lidt jeg skal i denne uge.
Med hensyn til hvad jeg har på, har jeg idag iført mig en kjole fra Zara, som var sat helt vildt ned, jeg har desvære ikke kunne finde den på nettet. Udover det, har jeg mine smukke smykker på fra Jane Køing, som jeg fik i julegave og er super super super glad for. De er vildt smukke hver især, både mit lovetag og startag. Jeg er især vild med Jane Køings startag kreation, da de symbolisere ens stjernetegn, mens mit lovetag for mit vedkommende har bogstavet S, som symbolisere en ret så dejlig person i mit liv, og derfor har jeg da også haft mit lovetag på, lige siden jeg fik det.
Håber i ellers har haft en skøn onsdag.

Xoxo Nanna

Merry Christmas

glædelig jul

Så blev det d.24 og derfor tænkte jeg, at jeg lige ville skrive en lille julehilsen her på bloggen.
Personligt er jeg taget til Møn for, at holde jul hos min farmor og farfar, sammen med resten af familien. Her hos os bliver der altid lavet rigeligt med julemad, samt guf og knas, så både min farmor og farfar er allerede igang med at tilberede,
Hvilket mig og resten af familien glæder os meget til at smage hehe.
Men mens vi venter, drikker vi andre bare kaffe og spiser julesmåkager, samt ser diverse julefilm.
Men i hvertfald, rigtig glædelig jul herfra.

Lukas Graham Concert

FullSizeRender.jpg IMG_5878 IMG_5910

Jeg var for ikke så længe siden til Lukas Graham koncert i Forum, sammen med min veninde Anna.
Jeg var blevet ringet op af Annas mor ca. tre dage inden koncerten, hvor hun spurgte om jeg ikke havde lyst til at overraske Anna med en lille koncert. Det sagde jeg selvfølgelig ikke nej til, så Anna fik et par koncertbilletter af sin familie, i sin julesok. Hvilket hun blev ret så glad for hihi 🙂

Da vi kom til koncerten, forventede jeg en “standart koncert oplevelse” men jeg skal lige love for, at det var noget vildere end det. Det var som om hele familien danmark var til stede og sang med på alle sangene, unge som gamle. En stor del af rosen skal dog også gå til Lukas og hans band, som virkelig ved hvordan man holder en fest med sine fans. For det første spillede de VILDT godt live, for det andet havde de virkelig også styr på deres performance del, med hensyn til deres løben rundt på scenen, lys og historie fortælling imellem sangene. Dog kunne historie fortællingen, godt blive lidt for langtrukken engang imellem.
Men alt i alt, en hel vild nice koncert, jeg blev virkelig blæst væk af hans live vokal, hvis man kan sige det sådan. Det var en rigtig imponerende optræden.

Men der var jo også en kunstner som skulle optræde inden Lukas Graham, og jeg kan simpelthen ikke huske hvad han hed, men det gør mig egentlig heller ikke så meget. For ærligt det var en knap så god performance, ham gutten hvis ene sang man har hørt i radioen et par gange, var yderst arrogant at se og høre på.
Og det kan godt være det bare er mig, men jeg føler lidt, at hvis man er en up coming kunstner, så er arrogant nok det sidste man skal være. Han sang ellers fint, men hans udstråling ødelagde lidt det hele.

Men så var det jo godt at Lukas Graham gik på scenen forholdsvis hurtigt efter 😉

Xoxo Nanna

10. Ting der beskriver en typisk bytur.

Skærmbillede 2015-11-14 kl. 20.56.51

Byen. høj musik, heftige drinks, og dansende piger og drenge.

Jeg har længe gået og spekuleret over et indlæg, som på en eller anden måde kunne appellere til weekendens byturer.

Jeg går personligt meget i byen i nogen perioder, og i andre perioder rør jeg næsten ikke alkohol. Og lige nu er jeg nok i en af de perioder, hvor jeg nok fester lidt for meget. Derfor tænkte jeg at det kunne være sjovt, at skrive 10 ting, som beskriver en typisk bytur for mig.

1. Jeg starter altid med at sige til mig selv “jeg skal bare drikke en drink eller to”…men det sjælendt at det ender sådan.

2. Nogen byturer er planglagte, men de fleste opstår spontant.

3. Når man endelig har fundet en club/bar og man står i gaderoben og finder ud af det koster 50kr, er min første tanke altid… “jeg kunne have brugt de penge på en sandwich på mandag”

4. Jeg fryser altid, for selvfølgelig vælger jeg at tage for lidt overtøj på.. for det ville jo være nederen hvis en stor vinterjakke skulle skjule ens outfit. #rigtigdumt

5. Når jeg endelig har fået noget at drikke og måske endda lidt for meget, danser jeg over alt og med alle. Hehe og den får ikke for lidt, når de spiller 80’er hits eller rap.

6. jeg køber meget sjælendt alkohol til mig selv, jeg syntes simpelthen det er for dyrt. Men jeg har dog nogen venner og veninder som altid sørger for, at jeg får indtaget en del alkohol alligevel. #rigtignærig (skal dog lige siges at jeg faktisk gav shots til fire venner i fredags #retimponeret)

7. Når klokken bliver 04:00 er jeg for det meste stadig okay kørende, men her begynder jeg at få tanker så som “det kunne være rigtig dejligt med en kop te lige nu” eller “jeg syntes vi skal tage hjem og se how i met your mother” men det er sjælendt mine venner/veninder er med på den.

8. Så vi fester videre og når jeg endelig sidder i en metro på vej hjem, med den klammeste duns af alkohol og cigaretrøg i mit tøj, tænker jeg “har jeg virkelig lugtet sådan hele aftenen?..ad”

9. Når jeg endelig er hjemme, laver jeg så den kop te, som jeg tænkte på kl. 04:00, herefter ligger jeg mig for det meste til at sove, hvis der ikke er nogen der har skrevet på facebook. Men hvis der er, så falder jeg i søvn med min mobil liggende på min kind.

10. Næste morgen. Vågner jeg op ved en 09.00 tiden normalt, finder ud af at jeg har savlet på min pude og tænker “ad, nu igen” derefter går jeg ud i køkkenet, laver mig den sundeste morgenmad og tænker for mig selv “fra nu af vil jeg leve af grøn te og agurk, alkohol både feder og er usundt”. Senere på dagen køber jeg mig en vegetar pizza, lidt sund er man vel.

Jeg håber at disse 10 ting har være interessante eller sjove at læse, og at der måske er nogen derude, som kan genkende nogen af punkterne. For ellers har det her indlæg været en smule pinligt. Haha.

Xoxo Nanna

5 Lingerie wishes

Skærmbillede 2015-11-10 kl. 18.16.34

1.Bra & Panties  2.Bra & Panties  3.Bra & Panties  4.Bra & Panties  5.Bra & Panties

oh la la la..

Jeg er helt tosset med lingeri og kan nemt komme til at bruge en del penge i for eksempel Magasins undertøjsafdeling hihi.

Derfor har jeg lavet en lille collage, med lidt smuk lingeri som meget gerne må havne i min undertøjsskuffe. Det skal lige nævnes at disse sæts er sammensat af mig, det vil sige trusser og bh’er måske ikke er fra samme mærke. Men ja, jeg har bare sammensat dem efter hvad jeg syntes så sødt ud.

xoxo Nanna

Casual evening x thoughts and vibes


Godaften derude!

Jeg ved at der her for tiden, går lidt for langtid mellem mine indlæg her på bloggen. Det jeg frygtelig ked af, men jeg har simpelthen bare haft så mange ting, som jeg har skulle tage stilling til.

Og nu tænker man sikkert, hvor mange ting kan en 19 årig københavner-tøs lige skulle tage stilling til nu til dags? Men! jeg kan fortælle at der for mit eget vedkommende er en del. Personligt bekymrer jeg mig rigtig meget om fremtiden, det kan både være med hensyn til uddannelse, men også med hensyn til personlige bånd som ændre sig.

Jeg skal være ærlig og sige, at det er noget der godt kan stresse mig af og til, som så dermed godt kan fører til lidt færre indlæg.

Men så er det jo godt, at jeg nu har haft en stille og rolig efterårsferie, som efter mit behov virkelig har været tiltrængt! så nu efter at have brugt størstedelen af min ferie på at sove, føler jeg mig nu fuld opladt med energi til den kommende uge, hvor jeg forhåbentlig også gerne skulle nå at få lavet et par nye indlæg.

Men lige nu er status ellers bare, at jeg sidder og putter med min dyne og en kop te, samt lytter til de bedste “casual evening vibes” efter min mening hehe.

Så dem tænkte jeg lige jeg ville dele med jer.

Forsæt god aften.

Jaden Smith – PCH ft. Willow Smith

London Grammar – Hey Now

Disclosure – Willing & Able ft. Kwabs

Ben Howard x Lana Del Rey – video games cover

Amber Run – Pilot


FullSizeRender 2

Taske – find den her

Så fik jeg den endelig!

Jeg har længe ønsket mig denne lille fine Michael Kors crossbody taske, og nu har jeg så endelig fået den. Jeg elsker den allerede af hele mit hjerte og kan næsten ikke vente med sammensætte ny outfits med den her til bloggen.

Tasken har jeg fået af min mor, som en slags tidlig julegave.

Så tusind tak til min mor!

( picture from my Instagram )



Velkommen til min blog.

Mit navn er Nanna, 19 år og bor i København.

Perfect Imperfections er min egen personlige blog, som jeg vil bruge til at udtrykke mig kreativt gennem fine billeder, mode, musik og livsstil. Jeg har længe gået med drømmen om at blogge, og har nu endelig fået taget mig mod til at springe ud i det.

Men ja, lige nu har jeg så mange forskellige indlægs-idéer til bloggen, at jeg næsten ikke vente med at komme i gang.

Jeg er allerede begyndt at sammensætte forskellige outfits og endda også begyndt at lege lidt med idéen om en #gettoknowme video.

Allerede i morgen skal jeg ud og skyde nogle outfit-billeder og forhåbentlig også få dem uploadet i løbet af aftenen, så det ser jeg rigtig meget frem til.

Men indtil da, forsæt rigtig god aften.


( Photo and edit by Emil Backhausen )