Fondazione Prada

For about a month ago I found myself to be in Milan so I went for a visit here at Fondazione Prada.
My feelings about the exhibitions are pretty mixed up.
If you are a sucker for modern installations..( or just to want a great Instagram picture), and you find yourself to be around Largo Isarco, 2, 20139 Milano, well then this is the place for you to go.
Many of the exhibitions are sadly not that well described and the museum in itself can be very confusing to navigate in, so make sure you have time to get lost here. But that’s what makes it fun right?
Besides from that, the museum is a magnificent piece of architecture that contains a golden building and tower with nine floors…so don’t do leg-day before going for a walk at this place.

My favorite painting was this big oil painting which I saw in the first building of the museum (its the painting in the first picture).
it’s painted by Cheikh Ndiaye, never heard of this guy before so I’m just gonna quote what my folder from the exhibition is telling me.

” The semi-abandoned and ruined building that features in the painting is surrounded by traces of life; it could also still be in use, even if we do not know whether it retains its original function.
Cheikh Ndiaye (Dakar, Senegal, 1970) works mainly in painting, but also with photography and installation, tracing myths, fairy tales, and legends and trying to understand the influences of social codes today. For this reason, his research always originates from informal contexts: casual encounters and visions on the streets of Dakar and other African cities are iconographic source and content, seeking realistic descriptive from that go beyond the anecdote. His observation of African identity focuses on the representation of both buildings and people”

Now we know…
I can only recommend you to google his name and see some of the other beautiful paintings he has created.

XX Nanna


The art group field trip part.1

Art is what I believe, one of the few things where there doesn’t have to be said much.
Because the way a piece can speak to me are never gonna be 100% similar to the way it can speak to you.
If you find it good, it’s good,  that’s why I think that art should always speak for itself.
Because I feel like, by sharing my opinion about an exhibition maybe could disturb you in creating your 100%  own opinion, and that would be a shame if you haven’t even seen the exhibitions yet.
So…that’s why I’m not gonna share any deeper thoughts of mine, about the Danh Vo exhibition at SMK
or my thoughts about some of the pieces we saw at Lousiana.
I can only recommend you to go observe the exhibitions.

Note to the “art group” : Thank you for the coziest day ever!

XX Nanna