Show me your style // Hamza Malik

Another show me your style post up and running!
This time I interviewed my friend and co-worker Hamza Malik.
Hamza is one of the most colorful and bubbly personalities that I’ve ever met, every time I see some kind of silk fabric or a piece of clothing with flowers on, I think of Hamza.
Another thing to say about Hamza is that he has the most beautiful curly hair and quotes Beyonce very often doing the day.
So, if you love colors and beautiful curly hair keep reading and don’t forget to check out his gram game right here.

What are you wearing right now?
“Super skinny blue jeans, a yellow hoodie, a pair of black shoes written with ‘left and right’ on the sides and a dark blue coat because it’s freezing outside today”

What’s most important to you in an outfit?
“The small details! They count the most! It can be from anything like a scarf to socks…”

Who/what inspires you the most in terms of your style?
 “I get inspired by both female and male fashion bloggers or by friends or people I see in malls, streets… that sounded kind of stalkerish haha I promise that was just a joke” 

Favorite brands?
“Versace, Zara, H&M, River Island, Mango Man, Tommy Hilfiger, and Samsøe Samsøe… there are so many”


What has been your biggest style failure?
“Never had one!”

Which items are your Grails?
“All of them! I work very hard to buy things that make me happy. So I would say all of my items are in my ‘Holy Grail cup of style’ “

Do you have any favorite items in your wardrobe?
“Oh, God! So many. I wish I could wear them all at just one single day but that would be quite weird”


What is your best style tip?
“Wear something that can make you come out of your comfort zone”

…And just to finish it all up, here is some Beyonce music.