What’s going on?


The answer is a lot of things.
Currently, I’m off work because the thing is that I’m sick.
So that’s also why I haven’t been so much around on social media or here on my blog, which is just so stupid because I always thought of my blog as my personal space where I can drop off all of my thoughts.
So that is what I’m doing now, getting some of my thought off my mind so I hopefully can relax before having my last check up on the hospital on Friday.
The thing is just that I like to keep my health situation very private and that’s also why it’s difficult to write about…because I don’t wanna write about it, but yeah since that is one of the reasons why I’m not around at the moment it just had to be included.
So to you guys who have been asking me in dm on Instagram.
No, I’m not quitting social media or my blog I just needed to take time for myself.

But one of the reasons I also have been away from social media is because of the fact, that last month has been nothing else than one of the best months of my life.
I spend so much time seeing new places and discovering feelings I didn’t think that I could ever have for another person.
But this guy has proved me wrong, and I know it sounds corny or whatever but this guy, he just keeps surprising me in only good ways and for that, I am forever grateful.
So to you, my boyfriend, thank you for being you.
You are what keeps my mood high today and every day.
So please never stop smiling.

XX Nanna