Please… do yourself a favour and listen to Ravyn Lenae


So I have first recently discovered Ravyn Lenae,  she is a super talented 19-year-old singer, from Chicago who is going places, that is, in fact, something you can hear in the second you listen to her songs “The night song” & “Free Room”
She is at the moment signed by Atlantic records, and I believe and hope that we are gonna hear so much more to this young wonder very soon.

XX Nanna
– a fan who only wished she could sing, so she could use this picture as an album cover haha

These cute checkered 70’s pants

I feel like checkered print has been a thing for a long time now, and personally, I got a lot of checkered printed items already.
But you know… it’s okay to have an obsession and add some more to my already ongoing collection.
These pants are super cute and super cheap so I thought I would share them with you guys.
Our broke asses gotta stick together right?


XX Nanna

A list: Movies I like

A tiny list of some of my favorite movies.

1. Leon
2. Back to the future ( all of them)
3. Inception
4. The Godfather (all of them)
5. Coming to America
6. The Intouchables
7. Mr. Nobody
8. Black swan
9. The Bourne Identity
10. Mr. & Mrs. Smith
11. Lara Croft: Tomb Raider
12. Matrix
13. Django
14. Pulp fiction
15. The Truman show
16. The perks of being a wallflower
17. Trading places
18. Joy
19. Focus
20. Star Wars (all of them)
21. Interstellar
22. Dope
23. That awkward moment
24. 10 Things I hate about you
25. Notting Hill
26. Sleepless in Seattle
27. Jersey Girl
28. Million dollar baby
29. The Great Gatsby
30. Into the wild 

XX Nanna


A quick note

Confusion is okay.
Being confused is what makes everything a bit more interesting.
But, please don’t mix confusion with the feeling of fear, trust me that’s a dangerous cocktail.
Instead…just mix confusion with whatever makes you happy.

I just felt like sharing that.

XX Nanna

An interview done by two friends sitting in a pool together

Where are we?
“We are at Skodsborg Spa” 

If we weren’t here, where would you have gone to relax today?

“Home enjoying the weather”

How do you clear your mind?
“I normally relax at my house with no obligations to do. Just me, myself and I”

What is the best treatment you think you can give yourself to feel extra relaxed and zen-ish?
“To not feel stressed, start the day with a clear mind and a good 9hours sleep. Normally the night before I try to write down my thoughts in a book, so I can let everything go when I sleep, or else I become stressed while I am sleeping”

The best outfit to relax in is?
“Loungewear or naked. I don’t mind being naked at my own place. But loungewear, where no bra is needed, nothing too tight”

What artists do you listen to at the moment, when you feel like it’s time to escape?
“I listen to Lianna Havas, it’s so relaxing to listen to her. Plus her voice I beautiful”

If you had to choose between drinking coffee or tea right now, what would you choose?
“Coffee, I am kinder obsessed”

What is the advise you wish people would tell you when your feeling stressed?
“To let everything go and RUN! just kidding…I would like people to help and let me relax or offer something; just telling me everything is going to be okay I guess”

Try to describe the most ideal escape spot that you could ever imagine.
“Put me on an island without internet and just palm trees and healthy foods”

You can follow Ekua on her blog and Instagram right here.

XX Ekua & Nanna



So one of my good friends made this video…

So my good friend Mikkel have been playing around with some videos, and since Mikkel has other friends too…those friends asked him to do a little music video for their band called “The kids in the hall”.
And since I am Mikkel’s friend, I’m, of course, supporting him and his creativity by spreading the word here on my little blog.

Simply just search for The kids in the hall – Music is my best friend on youtube.

XX Nanna