Show me your style // Johan Emil Pico

Johan Emil Pico described by me.

A really great and bubbly dude, who knows a LOT about fashion, wears kinda expensive clothes…and looks like someone who was meant to live his life in Paris with a cat in one hand and a croissant in the other, while he probably would be listening to old rock and roll vinyls on a vintage record player.
But, luckily he lives in great grey Copenhagen just like me haha…and besides that he is also, in fact, a part of the Arket family.





Describe your style in three

If I was to describe my style I would call it: minimalistic, French and rocker(ish)”

What are you wearing right now?

“Right now I am wearing: Saint Laurent Wyatt grey boots, Arket Slim-fit Trousers, Uniqlo Tee (you can’t see it duh ), Ami Alexander Matuissi oversized knitwear and to top it off I am wearing an Oversized overcoat which is a sample from Libertin Libertin”

What’s most important to you in an outfit?

“I build my outfit around my trousers/pants. Which is also what I find to be most important since I make sure that the rest of the outfit is matching whatever I am wearing on my legs. Side note: Some people style their outfit around their shoes, I CANNOT do that”

Who/what inspires you the most in terms of your style?

“Hmm, that’s a good question. I think its maybe two or three things that hold equally much significance. one part might be what I see on the runway at brands I enjoy. Another would be the way I see people style their clothing in the streets or on the internet (fx the youtuber Sangiev)”

Favorite brands?

“My all-time favorite brand is AMI Alexander Matuissi. The pieces he makes all just speak to me. It has been described as, it might sound a little corny, but as tailored clothes for the streetwear generation (shout out to GQ). Other Brands the likes of Haider Ackermann, Saint Laurent and surely Craig Green”


What has been your biggest style failure?

“It might have been back in elementary school (?) when I decided to jump on the Closecut fade/ Quiff haircut, it really did not work out for me”


Do you have any favorite items in your wardrobe?

“YES! that I do. For one would be the AMI sweater that I’m wearing. My newly acquired Saint Laurent Wyatt Boots. Also my Large fit Ami Chinos, and last but not least my Niel Barret Derby shoes”

Which items are your Grail(s)?

“For one the Super Oversized sweater that Raf Simmons wore on the Runway, like 3 seasons ago… I’m not sure of the season, but that sweater I think is to die for.
The SLP Wyatt harness black leather boots are also a piece that I have just loved since the first time I laid eyes upon it”

What is your best style tip?

“My best style tip is: Feel Sexy. that’s it. FEEL SEXY. when you feel sexy, or feel comfortable in your outfit you will automatically look better and more put together.
In the case that you want a direct styling tip of a piece of clothing, I would say: don’t be afraid to tuck in a loose shirt/tee shirt. it looks like you have put more of a thought into an outfit that you might have”


Thank you





The good old “show me your style” posts are having a comeback here on the blog very soon

Hey you,
Well, I don’t really know how long you’ve been hanging out here, but if you are one of those who has been here for a while now, you probably know that . P. I . started out as a street style blog, where I did these ” show me your style ” interviews.
Life happened, other interesting things came up and my last interview was almost over a year ago… but I have really missed doing those kinds of interviews for quite some time now.
So right now I’m on the hunt for new people with great style potential, so I finally can get back to do some interviews that truly will inspire me and hopefully you too.

Stay tuned.

XX Nanna

Reflecting on social medias impact

You see, I recently received this cute and ironic turtleneck and it brought some thoughts to my head…Okay, that was just me trying to make a smooth entrance to this heavy topic I’m about to share my thoughts on. Hmmm…

Well I’ve personally had a lot of both good and bad thoughts about social media… or actually, just every kind of media in general. So I feel like it’s about time to open up my scalp and let the thoughts flow…That sounded way more dramatic than I first had imagined.
But whatever.

The reality is, or my reality is…that I think we live in the most media controlled time so far.
I do personally feel lucky that I grew up in a childhood that did not contain smartphones or tablets that was constantly trying to get in touch with the parallel world that we have created and calls the internet.
Medias history, in general, goes way-way waaaaay back so I don’t think we need to go into details about medias occurrence and stuff like that. I don’t wanna bore you… Because if you have just read your history books through middle school it’s pretty obvious, that ever since a simple media form like an old-school newspaper was invented different kinds of media platforms has since then exponentially grown and have now reached a level of power that leaves way more impact on how we all think and act today, without even noticing.
Thanks to the technological development that has transformed the old school newspapers and commercials into apps that are filled with even more news and commercials, plus a huge social aspect coming from the updates on peoples social lives. Which has resulted in, that many other media form has become social media and are now almost an incorporated part of our personal lives in such huge an amount that’s never seen before?

We are talking lifestyle, fashion, music, health, political opinions and opinions just, in general, all the little random things that life is mostly about. So if you think of it, the media have in fact, become one of the biggest influence factors on our lives, and if you ask me, social media is now almost having a bigger influence on people than the people around the people has…and are constantly in charge of how we see and perceives the world. Even if we like it or not.
Now, of course, if you are living on a farm far far away and have never ever in your life seen an iPhone or created an IG feed, lucky you. Run while can, and be happy that your mind was never touched by this crazy technological world. I’m just kidding, I assume you already fell in like everyone else…because, otherwise how would you even be here reading this blog post right now?

But because of this social media explosion that had happened over the last few years, my concern lays in…do we even think our own thoughts after all then? or is it just a product or some kind of brainwash that we aren’t even aware of that was actually happening while we were busy “living our lives”? look I’m just as confused as you are right now, so let’s take a step back and reflect for a minute.

Okay, I’m back now.

Well, I’ve been thinking… again.
But I just read some articles written by some random psychologists that talks about how we since birth all are created to learn from what we see and hear around us. Just like the animals we are.
So the thing about social media and how it grows into our mindsets are actually pretty simple. I mean its natural to observe and learn right? because, how could you had even known better if you already felt the need to go look for answers? And social media is an easy way to go since its right there on our phones, computers, tablets and so on… we use it to speak to our loved ones, we use it for work, we use it educationally, we use it whenever we need answers of what to do or where to go, and much much more…
And it’s here it gets dangerous. Because even though social media is great in that way, that we might learn something new from each other or see things from different perspectives and therefore understand each other better, I personally think that we just have to be more aware of the data we let in to our system… because, not all of us are showing every side of our story or opinions, or the opinions behind the opinions.
I’m not always… It’s a lot of work you know?.
But well, the fact that social media is now such a big part of our everyday life is also what makes it easy for big companies, politicians, or actually just for anybody, to manipulate us to think or feel something. That might be real, but also might be fake.
So I think you can say…in some way, that there is a lot of fake news that is only created to push your thoughts, that pushes your feelings, and can end up creating a new opinion for you to have, which you can do whatever you wanna do with, but is it really you? or were you manipulated? did you think of this before someone else planted this feeling, this place or this idea in your head?

Stereotypes, lifestyle, trends, and whatever…I feel like every opinion of this age is, in fact, a product of social media.

Okay, I can feel that I have to stop myself now because I go on forever about this topic.
But my point is actually just to make you more aware of the control that social media actually have on your life and on my life too.
I’m not saying that there’s a huge need to fight it, but I think its definitely something we should keep in mind every day when we open up our computer.
Especially when we go out in the world/our technological world where we constantly unconsciously create and compare ourselves…and we all know that isn’t really healthy in the long run, so just be you and you’ll be great.

And if you are finding yourself bored one day, and you wanna discuss this topic even further? don’t feel shy to email me.

XX Nanna

Outfit: A Miu Miu Manga

I’m wearing: Polo // Arket  Skirt // American Apparel  Bag // Miu Miu

So lately, I’ve kinda been into the kawaii look but in a cool way of course…lol.
You get my point, so I think this outfit would satisfy every little anime lover out there…that happens to love the color black.

XX Nanna

The picture of the view is an older picture I shoot in Milan for about a half year ago.