Show me your style // Ekua Blankson

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I’m finally back with a new “show me your style” interview here on the blog.
This time I have interviewed Ekua Blankson from the blog so read along to get a little glimpse of her style and personality.


Ekua Blankson.
Blogger located in Malmø – singer and fashion lover – with a crush on Jesus.IMG_9566 (1)

Describe your style in three words.
“Clean, cheap, tomboyish, and a little feminine”

What are you wearing right now?
“My new black silky pants from Gina Trico, a t-shirt from eBay, my blazer is from H&M, and sneakers (Huarache – Nike) from JD-sports”

What is most important to you in an outfit?
“The most important thing in an outfit for me is that I feel comfortable and that I feel like I am looking good”


Who/what inspires you the most in terms of your style?
“I collect styles from everybody, I mostly pick items that are ”in” and I try to put a small twist on it. I’m also inspired by YouTubers and definitely Solange Knowles and the colorful images she posts on Facebook”

Favorite brands?
“I don’t have A favorite brand, but I shop a lot in H&M, mostly because it is cheap and they have been stepping up their game recently. I also like Zara if I am going for something more feminine and womanish”

What has been your biggest style failure?
“Wearing a black mesh/fishnet skirt to school where I got paranoid and thought everyone was looking up my skirt…. And that’s mostly why I have had style failures in life – I never felt comfortable in what I wore. I always wore what other people liked to wear and thought that what they wore was the answer to my problems”


Do you have any favorite items in your wardrobe?

“My yellow Versace dress from H&M’s collab collection with Versace, my tote bag from Weekday which was really cheap, my dark-brown suede leather jacket from Hambourg, and my Stan Smith’s in green”


Which items do you dream of owning?

“Definitely a Chanel bag and Nike Classic Cortez – my all-time dream sneaker right now”

 What is your best style tip?
“Feel comfortable in what you wear! And wear it with dignity!”

XX Nanna