A quick outfit // while we are waiting

DSCF7388 DSCF7486IMG_5051 IMG_5049

Dress // t-shirt from H&M Men   Bag // Michael Kors   Jewelry // Norr

So I recently got home from Stockholm and I know that I said I would be going to blog while I was there…. But my computer kind of just broke down so couldn’t really blog… but luckily I took a lot of pictures and videos, so of course they will be up on the blog very soon.

But then I thought to myself… while we are waiting for that, why not share this outfit with you guys?”. So I went out to shoot these outfit pictures with Emil before I took off to Stockholm and I’m very happy about how the look of the pictures turned out to be. Emil is my very talented photographer and friend, and I’m so happy that I’ll have the opportunity to get to work with him on shoots like this. So if you’re into photography you should definitely go find him on instagram right here.

XX Nanna