Monday monday monday


( Photo by Emil Backhausen )

I’m wearing:  Oversized tee // H&M (men)   sweatshit // H&M (men)  Trainers // Adidas  Choker // ebay

Monday monday monday….
Monday is that day of the week where everyone just wants to stay in bed and wait until its Tuesday, and today is no exception.
I’m going to work soon, and it’s a long day so yes you guessed right I don’t look forward to it…. but I have to say (and yes, this is not even a lie) that I actually really like my job, and I actually feel very blessed that I’m in a place in my life where I can say that and actually mean it.
As you guys may know I’m taking a year off to work before I go to the university next year, and I’m actually really happy about my desision to take a year off..cause it gives me the opportunity to do things I won’t be able to do while I’m studying… like traveling, saving money op, and of course blogging a little bit more.
So yeah.. thinking about all of this, actually makes me think that I’m happy about the fact that it’s Monday because…. I have no reason not to enjoy it.

“Be great full for what you have, or work hard until you feel that way”

XX Nanna