Life update // Blog breakdown! quitting my job and much more.

SO! a lot of things had happened since the last time I was active here on the blog.
The blog had a breakdown for over a week because of some trouble in the cyber system (I don’t know what smart people would call it, but let’s just call it that )  which was pretty fucking annoying.
But now I’m back, finally.
But, besides that I have officially quitted my job! which I’m sure was the right thing for me to do. Not that I didn’t like the job and the most of my colleagues! but I could feel that it was time for me to change course.
So now I’m starting with a little study class here at the end of February. And after that I am hopefully going to be qualified enough to get a job that is just calling my name… even though we all know that job doesn’t exist, but let’s just pretend that it does.
And even when you thought things couldn’t get any worse… one of my absolutely best friends and I, seems to have broken up in some kinda way…. I can’t describe how mad and irritated I am, because of that little b****. And I have been trying to be the grown one in this mess ( not that I am right now ), and not delete/untag all instagram memories we had together…. like she did. But I’m just a human… and I couldn’t take the try-hard attitude anymore, so I just unfollowed her on Instagram. And then all the drama just went even worse…. and today we are not even friends on Facebook. But the thing that irritates me the most is that she wouldn’t even talk about it, even before all of this social media drama… and then I can’t stop thinking ” why did I even waste my time on you? “. So maybe or friendship is over…. I don’t know, I just know that I’m not going be the one, to take action again and try to make it work… because I tried, and she shut all hope down so…But I’m not gonna lie, I’m still sad about us not being friends anymore.
But still in the end the weird thing is, that I’m actually feeling great about my whole life situation right now. Even though there has been some difficult things to handle. But honestly, I’m fine because I still have the absolute best people around me.
And for that I’m grateful, so that’s why I’m going dance like Beyonce now.
And just be happy about life.

XX Nanna

Btw… sorry about this drama post, I just had to get it off my chest <3