Why I deleted all of my Instagram pictures

I would lie if I said it hasn’t been a while since I last made an updated here on my little platform.
A lot of things have happened! and I can’t wait to write about it very soon.
But maybe you have noticed that I’ve deleted my entire Instagram feed? at least for now… or for the rest of this year… or maybe forever… that’s still a bit unknown.
For a while I’ve really spent way to much time on social media, and I felt trapped in something that started to feel like a duty more than something I actually enjoyed doing, and to be honest I felt like even though my Instagram was at its best and really started to grow, it just didn’t felt right.
It took to much of my time and focus away from the things I actually wanna do and it drained me completely from creativity.
Its now been a month since I deleted everything, and so far it feels like it was the right decision.
I still check in on Instagram from time to time, to post a little story when I’m bored or just to check in on what my friends are up to.

Maybe I’ll be back, maybe I won’t.
But for now, I think I will use Instagram for “stories” only.
That is something I really like about the “stories” function, I think it because its rawer in some way. I don’t know.
But now you know.

XX Nanna